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Mathematics and Computation in Music

The International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music will be held 18–20 May 2007 at the State Institute of Music Research in Berlin, Germany. The conference is the first meeting of the newly founded Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music and is organized jointly by the Society and the State Institute of Music Research.

The conference is organized into four sections: 1) Mathematical Modeling and Computation in Music—Theory as Practice, 2) Instruments, Gestures, and Tones—Mathematical Bridges between Different Levels of Musical Reality, 3) Form and Transformation—Mathematical Approaches to Music Analysis and Composition, and 4) Musical Structures and Processes—Mathematical Approaches to Tone Systems, Scales, Rhythms, and other Music Theoretical Domains. The conference will also include a workshop on computational music analysis where participants analyze the same pieces, share sources, and compare their results and methods.


Women in New Music Festival

The sixth annual Women in New Music Festival: Voices on the Edge is scheduled for 1–4 March 2007 at California State University in Fullerton, California. Featured artists this year include Meredith Monk, Zeitgeist, and Tania Leon with the CSUF Symphony Orchestra. The festival includes concerts, lectures, master classes, and workshops. The 2007 event continues the tradition of the playback listening room with 6 hours of electroacoustic music of women composers from over 20 countries covering classical computer music, environmental music, meditative music works that expand acoustic virtuosity and improvisation with virtual instruments, and sonic documentaries.



The fifth annual workshop on Evolutionary Music and Art is scheduled for 11–13 April in Valencia, Spain. The workshop draws researchers and artists using biologically inspired computational methods in their musical and artistic work such as visual art and music generation, analysis, and interpretation, sound synthesis, architecture, video, and design. Topics will include generation of art and music, robotics-based music, the use of evolutionary algorithms for the analysis and interpretation of art and music, computer-aided creativity, and theoretical developments such as validation methodologies and comparative analysis.


Intelligent Audio Environments

The Audio Engineering Society, in partnership with Nokia, scheduled its 30th International Conference on Intelligent Audio Environments for 15–17 March 2007 in Saariselkä, Finland. The conference is motivated by a vision of future audio environments made up of a variety of devices and applications working together to create an integral audio experience to a user. Applications will need to be aware of their surroundings, and so need to work seamlessly with each other and with the acoustic environment. Analysis methods will cover a variety of approaches from physical and signal theoretical analysis to models of human perception. Created audio environments will consist not only of virtual reality, but of natural environments that are modified, augmented with virtual components, or resynthesized in another place. Other topics relevant for the conference include audio networks, delivery architectures, coding techniques, and conversion between spatial audio formats. Intelligent audio also suggests control and interaction, and responsiveness to changing environments such as source and listener locations and other contextual information.


Totally Huge

The 2007 Totally Huge New Music Festival (THNMF) and Conference will be held 20 April–6 May in Perth, Australia. The event is a forum for artists, critics, commentators, and academics to discuss issues in new music and sound art including histories, methods, theories, approaches, and techniques. The THNMF Conference offers opportunities for both refereed and non-refereed papers, performances, demonstrations, and workshops. The theme of the 2007 conference is "The Sonic Image: Exploring the Relationships between the Sound and Visual Worlds."

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Language, Music, Cognition

The Language and Music as Cognitive Systems conference will take place 11–13 May 2007 in Cambridge, England. The conference will bring together contributors from the fields of linguistics, musicology, experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and evolutionary anthropology, with interests in comparative studies of music and language as cognitive systems. Areas where collaborations between music and language studies have been particularly fruitful will be used to structure the conference into four parts: structural comparisons, evolution, learning...


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