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Jewish Social Studies 13.1 (2007) 209

In Forthcoming Issues
Lois Dubin, "Jewish Women, Marriage Law, and Emancipation: The Civil Divorce of Rachele Morschene in Late-Eighteenth-Century Trieste"
Sarah Abrevaya Stein, "Sephardim and Global Commerce in the Modern Period: On the Trail of the Jewish Feather Trade"
Mark Anderson, "Children and the Holocaust: An American Story?"
Mara Benjamin, "Building a Zion in German(y): Franz Rosenzweig on Jehuda Halevi"
Samantha Baskind, "The Other Among the Other: Bernard Picart's Etchings of Amsterdam's Jews"
Michael Clark, "Jewish Identity in British Politics: The Case of the First Jewish MPs, 1858–1887"
Stephen Sharot, "The Kaifeng Jews: A Reconsideration of Their Acculturation and Assimilation in a Comparative Perspective"
Nurit Stadler, "Playing with Sacred/Corporeal Identities: Yeshiva Students' Fantasies of the Military Participation"
Joanna Michlic, "Between History and Historiography: The Soviet Occupation of Poland, 1939–1941, and the Stereotype of the anti-Polish and pro-Soviet Jew"
Matthias Lehmann, " Levantinos and Other Jews: Reading H. Y. D. Azulai's Travel Diary"
Sven-Erik Rose, "Lazarus Bendavid and J. G. Fichte's Kantian Fantasies of Jewish Decapitation in 1793"
Elissa Bemporad, "Behavior Unbecoming a Communist: Jewish Religious Practice in Soviet Minsk"
Maura Hametz, "Zionism, Emigration, and Antisemitism in Trieste: Central Europe's 'Gateway to Zion,' 1896–1943"
Julie Kalman, "Sensuality, Depravity, and Ritual Murder: The Damascus Blood Libel and Jews in France"
Zvi Jonathan Kaplan, "The Thorny Area of Marriage: Rabbinic Efforts to Harmonize Jewish and French Law in Nineteenth-Century France"


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