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Anthropological Quarterly 75.1 (2002) 92-93

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Social Thought and Commentary

Civilization, Vulnerability and Translation:
Reflections in the Aftermath of September 11th

Edited by Gautam Ghosh
University of Pennsylvania

Photos by Lori Grinker

Lori Grinker's photographs published in this issue were all taken on September 11, 2001. Aesthetically they are not what we recognize as "news photographs," but images that in the powerful silence of the small rectangle remind us of what happened at the World Trade Center in New York City that beautiful sunny Tuesday morning. They need no captions. The images mirror fleeting moments and discrete details, sometimes almost mundane, that cry out the magnitude of the devastation that has changed the world forever. Lori Grinker's pictures raise questions and express the mood of a nation shocked in the depth of its soul. Together the photographs form—as they accompany the texts—a chain of instant personal impressions that narrates in a quiet and subdued fashion that day's horror. They become precious tools that allow us to highlight some of the complex psychological and cultural ramifications that few, if any, could have foreseen.

Robert Pledge
President and Editorial Director, Contact Press Images

Lori Grinker. Born in 1957 in Freeport, New York, USA, Lori Grinker began her photographic career documenting the rise of 13 year-old Mike Tyson. Author of The Invisible Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women (The Jewish Publication Society) she has been involved for the last decade in a major photographic project on war veterans from twenty countries. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Lori Grinker joined Contact Press Images in 1988.

Robert Pledge. Born in 1942 in London, England, Robert Pledge moved to Paris at age of ten where he eventually studied West African languages and anthropology. In 1976, he and photographer David Burnett founded Contact Press Images. Robert Pledge has edited numerous books and curated exhibitions throughout the world. He has chaired the photographic juries of the W. Eugene

Smith Fund and the World Press Photo Foundation.



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