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MLN 121.5 (2007) 1316-1320

MLN Volume 121 (2006)


Aouadi, Saddek. Kateb Yacine dramaturge : Esquisse d'un itinéraire esthétique 1023 (4)
Baker, Jr., J. M. Vacant Holidays: The Theological Remainder in Leopardi, Baudelaire, and Benjamin 1190 (5)
Barsella, Susanna. Boccaccio, Petrarch, and Peter Damian: Two Models of the Humanist Intellectual 16 (1)
Bianchini, Angela. Johns Hopkins Revisited 1 (1)
Bohn, Willard. The Poetics of Flight: Futurist "Aeropoesia" 207 (1)
Bontea, Adriana. A Project in Its Context: Walter Benjamin on Comedy 1041 (5)
Bruckner, Matilda Tomaryn. LeFresne's Model for Twinning in the Lais of Marie de France 946 (4)
Bufalini, Robert. The Czarina's Russia through Mediterranean Eyes: Francesco Algarotti's Journey to Saint Petersburg 154 (1)
Búrdalo, José Domínguez. Del ser (o no ser) hispano: Unamuno frente a la negritud 322 (2)
Carroll, David. "Remains" of Algeria: Justice, Hospitality, Politics, see also Erratum 1314 (5) 808 (4)
Casal, Rodrigo Cacho. Cervantes y la sátira: Clodio el maldiciente en el Persiles 299 (2)
Cassell, Anthony. Pilgrim Wombs, Physicke and Bed-Tricks: Intellectual Brilliance, Attenuation and Elision in Decameron III:9 53 (1)
Cixous, Hélène. Ce qui a l'air de quoi 828 (4)
Codebò, Marco. Records, Fiction, and Power in Alessandro Manzoni's I promessi sposi and Storia della colonna infame 187 (1)
Conley, Tom. Site and Sound 850 (4)
Copertari, Gabriela. "De tal palo tal astilla": 76 89 03 y "los hijos del Proceso" 439 (2)
Cracolici, Stefano. Flirting with the Chamaleon: Alberti on Love 102 (1)
Dechand, Thomas. "Like a New Knowledge of Reality": On Stevens and Peirce 1107 (5)
Delacampagne, Christian. The Politics of Derrida: Revisiting the Past 862 (4)
Di Maria, Salvatore. From prose to stage: Machiavelli's Man-dragola 130 (1) [End Page 1316]
Draper, Susana. El boom en Mundo Nuevo: crítica literaria, mercado y la guerra de valoraciones 417 (2)
Eagle, Christopher. On "This" and "That" in Proust: Deixis andTypologies in À la recherche du temps perdu 989 (4)
Garrison, James D. Pietoso stile: Italian Translations of Gray's Elegy to 1900 167 (1)
Gold, Joshua Robert. The Dwarf in the Machine: A Theological Figure and Its Sources 1220 (5)
Kamuf, Peggy. Composition Displacement 872 (4)
Kirkham, Victoria. Anthony Kimber Cassell (March 31, 1941–October 9, 2005) 49 (1)
Kritzman, Lawrence D. In Memorium: Derrida's Living Will 801 (4)
Lund, Joshua. A Large Aggregate of Men: Garro, Renan and the Failure of Alliance 391 (2)
Lynn-George, Michael. The Crossroads of Truth: Ferdinand deSaussure and the Dreyfus Affair 961 (4)
Mancing, Howard. The Lessons of San Manuel Bueno, mártir 343 (2)
Marion, Esther. The Nazi Genocide and the Writing of the Holocaust Aporia: Ethics and Remnants of Auschwitz 1009 (4)
Mejías-López, Alejandro. Textualidad y sexualidad en la construcción de la selva: genealogías discursivas en La
vorágine de José Eustasio Rivera 367 (2)
Miller, J. Hillis. Derrida's Destinerrance 893 (4)
Nancy, Jean-Luc. Derrida da capo 929 (4)
Nikolopoulou, Kalliopi. As If: Kant, Adorno, and the Politics of Poetry 757 (3)
Reilly, Brian J. Hopkins Impromptu: Following Jacques DerridaThrough Theory's Empire 911 (4)
Rey, Alfonso. La colección de silvas de Quevedo: Propuesta deinventario 257 (2)
Rivero, Horacio Chiong. "A imitación del hilo del laberinto de Perseo": El nexo narrativo de las ficciones laberínticas en Sierra Morena 278 (2)
Scheiber, Elizabeth. The Failure of Memory and Literature in Primo Levi's Il sistema periodico 225 (1)
Schlossman, Beryl. Writing the Feminine: Catherine Colomb 1072 (5)
Scott, William. Belonging to History: Margaret Walker's For My
People 1083 (5)
Strohschneider, Peter. The Body of the Singer. Sensory Per-ception and the Production of Meaning in Steinmar's Song of Singing 740 (3)
Voigt, Lisa. Colonial Captivations: Textual and Cinematic Representations of Captivity in Brazil and Chile 1148 (5)
Yahav-Brown, Amit. Gypsies, Nomadism, and the Limits of Realism 1124 (5) [End Page 1317]
Zook, Darren C. Searching for Max Havelaar: Multatuli, Colonial History, and the Confusion of Empire 1169 (5)

Papers, 1996 to 2004, by Bianca...


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