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Libraries & the Cultural Record 41.4 (2006) 526-546

Index to Volume 41
Compiled by
Hermina G.B. Anghelescu
Mary L. Peterson

General Index

Note: Subjects from book reviews are designated with an "r" following page numbers.Locators in italics indicate illustrations.


Aboriginal peoples
Canada, print culture, 41(3):415–417r
Access. See also Internet access
to archives, Cold War, Russia, 41(2):269–270r
"African American Women's Writing in the Woman's Building Library" (Gautier), 41(1):55–81
African Americans
education for librarians, Southern US, 1925–1941,41(3):345–346
library services for, in Southern US, 1900s–1960s,41(3):337–352
women writers, 41(1):2,41(1):55–80
"Afterword: The Woman's Building Library and History" (Todd), 41(1):153–161
Alcott, Louisa May
works by, in the collections of the Children's Building Library, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893,41(1):138
American Library Association (ALA)
Library History Round Table (LHRT), research forums 2004–2006,41(3):392–394
The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century (Ramsey), 41(4):425–426,41(4):431–432
Annual reports
public libraries, as public relations documents, 41(4):471–474
public libraries, evolution of, 1876–2004,41(4):462–482
public libraries, function since World War II, 41(4):474–477
public libraries, Pennsylvania, 41(4):480–482
public libraries, purpose of, 1876–WorldWar I, 41(4):463–467
public libraries, research value of, 41(4):468–471,41(4):477–479
in Europe, 19thcentury, 41(2):267–268r
National Archives of France, 41(2):267–268r
Romania, post-1918,41(3):321–323
Russia, research in, 41(2):269–270r
public library development, 1779–1812,41(3):403–404r
Astra. See Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People (Astra) [End Page 526]
Åström, Fredrik
"Mapping Activities of Artists in the Past: A Bibliometric Study of the Library of the Scandinavian Association in Rome until 1870,"41(2): 219–232
Melbourne Public Library, 41(2):276–279r
intellectual property rights and globalization, 41(2):291–292r


Barry, Redmond
and Melbourne Public Library, 41(2):276–279r
special issue of La Trobe Journal dedicated to, 41(2):276–279r
Bates, Clara Doty
works by, in the collections of the Children's Building Library, 41(1):136–137
works by, in the collections of the Woman's Building Library, 41(1):27–28
Greek travel literature, 41(4):523–524r
history of books and printing, 41(2):286–287r
Lewis and Clark expedition, 41(2):280–281r
periodicals, 41(2):246–253
studies in, 41(4):520–521r
works by John Masefield, 41(3):410–412r
Bibliometric studies
Library of the Scandinavian Association in Rome, until 1870,41(2):219–231
scholarly communication, 41(2):236–246
Biblioteca Femina, Northwestern University Library
bookplate, 41(1):162,41(1):162–165
"Black Public Libraries in the South in the Era of De Jure Segregation" (Fultz), 41(3):337–352
Blake, Mary Elizabeth
works by, in the collections of the Woman's Building Library, 41(1):12
Board of Lady Managers
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893,41(1):1–2, 41(1):7, 41(1):56–57, 41(1):156, 41(1):157, 41(1):163
Book collecting
Fanny Seward, 41(2):189–199,41(2):190, 41(2):192, 41(2):195
Book history
marginalia, 41(3):412–413r
Book trade
in Great Britain, 41(3):409–410r
Booklovers Library, Philadelphia, Pa.
bookplate, 41(2):258–262,41(2):260
collections, 41(2):258–262,41(2):260
Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection, J. Porter Shaw Library, San Francisco Maritime Museum, Calif., 41(3):396–397,41(3):397
Biblioteca Femina, Northwestern University Library, 41(1):162,41(1):162–165
Booklovers Library, Philadelphia, Pa., 41(2):258–262,41(2):260
Dean Mawdsley World War II Collection, J. Porter Shaw Library, San Francisco Maritime Museum, Calif., 41(3):397,41(3):398
Donald V. Reardon Maritime Library, J. Porter Shaw Library...


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