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  • Index:Volume 29, 2006


Aurell, Jaume. "Autobiographical Texts as Historiographical Sources: Rereading Fernand Braudel and Annie Kriegel." 29.3 (Summer): 425-45.
Barefoot, Guy. "Autobiography and the Autobiographical in the Bill Douglas Trilogy." 29.1 (Winter): 14-29.
Cardell, Kylie. "Bloodsport: Thomas Goltz and the Journalist's Diary of War." 29.4 (Fall): 584-604.
Codell, Julie F. "Playing Doctor: François Truffaut's L'Enfant sauvage and the Auteur/Autobiographer as Impersonator." 29.1 (Winter): 101-122.
Cuevas, Efren. "The Immigrant Experience in Jonas Mekas's Diary Films: A Chronotopic Analysis of Lost, Lost, Lost." 29.1 (Winter): 54-72.
Fanthome, Christine. "The Influence and Treatment of Autobiography in Confessional Art: Observations on Tracey Emin's Feature Film Top Spot." 29.1 (Winter): 30-42.
Geller, Theresa L. "The Personal Cinema of Maya Deren: Meshes of the Afternoon and Its Critical Reception in the History of the Avant-Garde." 29.1 (Winter): 140-58.
Gernalzick, Nadja. "To Act or to Perform: Distinguishing Filmic Autobiography." 29.1 (Winter): 1-14.
Harley, Alexis. "'This reversed order of things': Re-Orientation aboard HMS Beagle." 29.3 (Summer): 462-80.
Hsu, Hsuan L. "Personality, Race, and Geopolitics in Joseph Heco's Narrative of a Japanese." 29.2 (Spring): 273-306.
Johnson, Erica L. "Auto-Ghostwriting Smile, Please: An Unfinished Autobiography." 29.4 (Fall): 563-83.
Maslan, Mark. "Biographical Fraud and Traumatic Nationalism: Joseph Ellis's Vietnam Testimony." 29.4 (Fall): 605-614.
Mathews, Peter. "The Mandatory Proxy." 29.1 (Winter): 43-53.
Pribisic, Milan. "Carousel: Erwin, Elvira, Armin, Fassbinder, and All the Others' Autobiographies." 29.1 (Winter): 73-85.
Rugg, Linda Haverty. "Keaton's Leap: Self-Projection and Autobiography in Film." 29.1 (Winter): vii-xiii.
Scott, Catherine. "Time Out of Joint: The Narcotic Effect of Prolepsis in Christopher Reeve's Still Me." 29.2 (Spring): 307-328.
Sperb, Jason. "Removing the Experience: Simulacrum as an Autobiographical Act in American Splendor." 29.1 (Winter): 123-39.
Stewart, Garrett. "Vitagraphic Time." 29.1 (Winter): 159-92.
Tratner, Michael. "Lovers, Filmmakers, and Nazis: Fritz Lang's Last Two Movies as Autobiography." 29.1 (Winter): 86-100. [End Page 809]
Wallach, Jennifer Jason. "Building a Bridge of Words: The Literary Autobiography as Historical Source Material." 29.3 (Summer): 446-61.
Walter, James. "The Utility of Short Lives." 29.2 (Spring): 329-37.


Anderson, Monica. Women and the Politics of Travel, 1870-1914. Reviewed by Barbara T. Gates. 29.4 (Fall): 733-35.
Anisimov, Evgenii V. Five Empresses: Court Life in Eighteenth-Century Russia. Reviewed by Ruth Dawson. 29.3 (Summer): 497-500.
Arnold, David, and Stuart Blackburn, eds. Telling Lives in India: Biography, Autobiography, and Life History. Reviewed by Julie F. Codell. 29.2 (Spring): 375-80.
Booth, Alison. How to Make It as a Woman: Collective Biographical History from Victoria to the Present. Reviewed by Mary Ellis Gibson. 29.2 (Spring): 344-49.
Boynton, Victoria, and Jo Malin, eds. Encyclopedia of Women's Autobiography. Reviewed by Maureen Perkins. 29.2 (Spring): 338-41.
Braud, Michel. La Forme des jours: pour une poétique du journal personnel. Reviewed by Virginia Ricard. 29.4 (Fall): 756-59.
Carlson, David J. Sovereign Selves: American Indian Autobiography and the Law. Reviewed by Laura L. Mielke. 29.4 (Fall): 740-42.
Coullie, Judith Lütge, ed. The Closest of Strangers: South African Women's Life Writing, Reviewed by Sam Raditlhalo. 29.2 (Spring): 367-74.
Cox, John D. Traveling South: Travel Narratives and the Construction of American Identity. Reviewed by Edlie L. Wong 29.4 (Fall): 736-39.
De Nooy, Julian, Joe Hardwick, and Barbara E. Hanna, eds. Soi-disant: Life Writing in French. Reviewed by Cécile Hanania. 29.2 (Spring): 362-64.
Gale, Maggie B., and Vic Gardner, eds. Auto/Biography and Identity: Women, Theatre and Performance. Reviewed by Susan Bennett. 29.3 (Summer): 495-97.
Hingley, R., and L. Unwin, eds. Boudica: Iron Age Warrior Queen, Reviewed by A. T. Fear. 29.2 (Spring): 351-54.
Hopgood, James, ed. The Making of Saints: Contesting Sacred Ground. Reviewed by Samantha Barbas. 29.2 (Spring): 354-57.
Hughes, Linda K. Graham R: Rosamund Marriott Watson, Woman of Letters. Reviewed by Celeste Pottier. 29.2 (Spring): 349-51...


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