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  • String Theory
  • Bob Hicok (bio)

If you had enough of it and because some spider webs are stronger than the same diameter of steel, you could tie every single thing together in a great loop of telepathy, granting credence to your feeling that our shirts have been carrying on a conversation at a distance, as you yourself have felt that star, the big one grinning in the east, shoot an arrow smack-dab from its brilliance to your forehead, where your third eye should be but has roamed, as eyes will, away from this putative home, even granting that you have licked the string and slipped your trifocals on, it's impossible to thread the needle [End Page 37] the first time, because even the second knot will fail, as the lines between us grow slack, so we tighten them in bed, winding each other up with the gears of our mouths and wheels of our hands, when like tops we go crashing about the furniture of our cities, while running out of conjunctions, the breaths that attach, and you forget the one on your finger saying remember, or cutting them the balloons rise, the kites go limping off into space, taking the dragons of our souls away, which breathe fire, is the theory, or nothing, is the notion, and I agree, absolutely, that I can make sense of how everything holds together by buying that ball of sky-blue yarn, and holding it to my face and trusting, this is how up smells, this is how it feels to have your wings embraced, whereas the math of this is difficult, the feel of any one exuberance is encoded in my willingness to dance stupidly, to thrash as if the hand puppeting above me is drunk, is mine, and some nobody is pulling hard in every direction at the same time, so torn am I between kiss me and fuck off.

Bob Hicok

Bob Hicok’s fifth book, This Clumsy Living, will be published in the spring of 2007 by the University of Pittsburgh Press. He recently won American Poetry Review’s Jerome J. Shestack Prize and the Anne Halley Prize from Massachusetts Review.



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