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Notes 63.3 (2007) 639-654

Books Recently Published
Compiled by Julia Graepel and Karen R. Little

For information about the scope of this column, consult the headline in the September 2006 issue (p. 125 of this volume).


Adams, Ramsay, David Hnatiuk, and David Weiss. Music supervision: the complete guide to selecting usic for movies, TV, games, & new media. New York: Schirmer Trade Books: Exclusive distrb., Music Sales Corp., 2005. x, 245 p. ISBN 0825672988 (pbk.). LC 2004-030399.
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Musical meaning and interpretation
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Digital formations, v. 31
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Mainzer Studien zur Amerikanistik, Bd. 51
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Harvard publications in music, 21
Isham Library papers, 6
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Brockett, Clyde W. Letania and preces: music for Lenten and rogations litanies. Ottawa, Canada: The Institute of Mediaeval Music, 2006. iii, 72 p. ISBN 1896926789. LC 2006-404876.


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