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  • Recipe for a Google™ Party
  • Adam Overton

A GoogleParty is a costume party where the attendees dress up like people they have located while googling their own names [1].


Go to <> (or any other reliable on-line search engine) and search for instances of your full name, using quotation marks to keep the correct order, as in "John Doe." You are looking for web pages that mention or talk about a different person with the same name (or a similar one) as you.

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Fig. 1.

Artist Adam Overton dressed as English teenage soccer player Adam Overton, Halloween 2005.

© Adam Overton

If searching for the full name returns no results, try using variations such as "Jon Doe," "Johnny Doe" or "Jonathan Doe."

If you still cannot find a match, do not complain or give up—get creative:

  • Try reversing the names: "Doe John"

  • Include or substitute your middle name: "John Kenny Doe," "Kenny Doe," "John Kenny"

  • Try other genders: "Jane Doe"

  • Try out nicknames you have had or have wished you had: "Cooter Doe"

  • Add, subtract, scramble or reverse letters: "Jhon Doh," "Don Joe"

  • Try single names: "John" or "Doe"

  • Try using initials: "J. Doe," "J.D."

  • Etc.

There is no excuse for coming up empty-handed.

After searching for a bit, choose the alter-ego who seems the most interesting and try to figure out how this person might dress. Always check first to see if you can find any pictures of the person—perhaps you can emulate some facial or bodily features. If you cannot find any pictures, then use the content on the site to figure out what type of person you are dealing with: businessman, athlete, porn star, frat boy, cheerleader, church elder, etc. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for clues that might indicate a time period or location, especially if your source is a news article, historical document or obituary.

Finally, dress to impress at your next GoogleParty and live it up as your alter-ego (Fig. 1).

Variation 1

Instead of the party, go about some or all of your day as your googled alter-ego.

Variation 2

Instead of the party, do a performance as your googled alter-ego.

Adam Overton
Glendale, CA, U.S.A. E-mail: <>. Web: <>


1. A version of this text was originally presented on ZBZZ.BZ by Aaron Spafford <>. [End Page 30]



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