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  • Testimony on What Is Important


I am only telling you what I have heard. He said that he was in a room, on a yellow tiled floor. There were men, And familiar voices.

On the floor of the room was a bucket of water. He only regained consciousness when his head was pulled out of it.


They kicked him until he defecated and his body failed. He couldn't walk then, Or urinate for a week. Beyond the door there were men and familiar voices.

On the floor was a bucket of water. He apologized to the court, because what he had to say next


Was " obscene. " "I am sorry to those present," he said, As if obscenity can be forgiven. They forced his genitals into another man's mouth. Then, voicelessly,

Tried to set them on fire. The court questioned him, said, "We are only interested in the facts."


He said , "But I have something to add—" "Something important." He said he knew the torturer. He knew the man. And while, voicelessly, these acts [End Page 68]

Were carried out, he asked the man if he knew what he was doing. On fire He said, "Do you know what you are doing?" The court said, "Stick to the facts."


The man said, "But this is what is important." He said He asked the man : "Do you know what you are doing?" He said the man Did not answer. He said , "I have to saythis: this is what is important."



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