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  • Tim off to Charlotte
  • Mark Halliday

Christine, Tim here. Just to let you know I've touched base with Herman Schmitt He's on board. It's a go Whatever you can pull together will be helpful Jim, this is Tim McCurdy, just getting back to you about the Big Boys project Not sure if your people are up to date on this Just to be sure we all shoot in the same direction Christine, something I didn't mention The reason Herman Schmitt was calling He said the contact person would be a Biff something I'm thinking Biff? Where do I go with the name Biff? I mean are we in a cartoon here? If you could just check the database Tony, Tim McCurdy here, I'm at La Guardia, been double-checking The reason Herman Schmitt was calling Somebody got their signals semicrossed Christine? If you could get back to me Tony, it turns out Jim Beal is the guy pulling together procedures As regards the Curly Fries and the GLX-05s Jim, my office is tracking down the Big Boys contact Christine? If you could message me at your convenience You know what? Colonel Stouffer remembered your name I think I know why—but I digress—more soon Tony, Tim again, I'm due into Charlotte at 11:20, no wait, that's 12:20 We tracked down the guy in Locksboro, his name is Biff Shaid S-h-a-i-d but pronounced like Shade So if you would call Jim Beal at some point It's about the protocol for this Big Boys package Christine, what I meant in my previous was strictly something complimentary and hey I appreciate—your focus on all this This is Tim McCurdy, looking for Mr. Delovega to get back to me Christine, I'll be in Charlotte at 12:20 and would love to touch base [End Page 164] You'll want to just dovetail with Colonel Stouffer at Fort Bragg Whatever you can pull together will be helpful Christine? I haven't heard back from Biff Shaid I haven't heard back from Tony Delovega Still no call back from Jim Beal Just wanted us to be on the same page You'll want to have all this on your desk when you call Delovega Jim, it's Tim, the viability is looking good Herman, thanks again It's Tim I'm at La Guardia Tim here Christine, whatever you can pull together By the way when I said the Colonel remembered your name I really meant—you're not someone that someone forgets Hey I'm on the ramp now, got to sign off for now Christine—kind of a question out of left field Do you ever feel like there's really nothing— no real reason— Hey hold that thought Christine, will get back to you in Charlotte—



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