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  • LMJ16 CD:Interpreting the Soundscape
  • Peter Cusack

CD Series Volume 16

  1. 1. Tonya Wimmer: Scotian Shelf 1 (2:00)

    Sounds of seismic survey and delphinid (dolphins or pilot whales) whistles and clicks recorded in the Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia, May 2001.

  2. 2. Andrea Polli and Joe Gilmore: N. April 16, 2006 (5:34)

    Sonification of measured (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Arctic program) and model weather data, April 2006. Data modeling by Patrick Market, University of Missouri. Web site: <>.

  3. 3. Jacob Kirkegaard: Concert Room (7:50)

    Recording of a concert room inside the abandoned city of Pripyat, in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, October 2005. Web sites: <>, <>.

  4. 4. Chris Watson: Blue Grass Music (2:22)

    Insect chorus track from down amongst the Blue Grass of Kentucky. Web site: <>.

  5. 5. Chris Watson: Ant-Steps (3:22)

    Wood Ant extract from the Vermilion Sounds radio program on ResonanceFM, London, April 2003. Web site: <>.

  6. 6. Rafal Flejter: Bridge Vibrations (5:17)

    Contact microphone recording of St. Saviour's Dock Bridge beside the River Thames, London, January 2006.

  7. 7. Chris DeLaurenti: Our Streets! (7:41)

    Extract from Live in New York at the Republican National Convention Protest September 2-August 28, 2004. Web site: <>.

  8. 8. Christina Kubisch: Magnetic Nets (5:08)

    Composed from electromagnetic recordings of security (anti-theft) gates of major shops in Europe, Japan, China and the United States. Web site: <>.

  9. 9. Tonya Wimmer: Scotian Shelf 2 (1:49)

    Sounds of seismic survey and delphinid (dolphins or pilot whales) whistles and clicks recorded in the Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia, May 2001.

  10. 10. Charles Stankievech: Möbius Fields (6:01)

    Conventional and electromagnetic recordings made in Montréal, Canada, March 2006. Web site: <>.

  11. 11. Sonic Postcard 1: Ashcott Primary School, Somerset (1:39)

    Created by Sophie Hunt-Davison and Victoria Langford, facilitated by Tony Whitehead. Web sites: <>, <>.

  12. 12. Sonic Postcard 2: Chelsea Children's Hospital School, London (3:05)

    Created by the pupils from the Collingham Gardens site, facilitated by Jo Lucas. Web sites: <>, <>.

  13. 13. Sonic Postcard 3: Inverurie Market Place Primary School, Aberdeenshire (2:24)

    Created by class P6, facilitated by Pippa Murphy. Web sites: <>, <>.

  14. 14. Yannick Dauby: Taiwanese Animal Phonography (6:46)

    Frogs and insects recorded in Taiwan, summer 2005. Web site: <>.

  15. 15. Pascal Battus: Sound Massages (6:14)

    Binaural recording at the Musique et Quotidien Sonore Festival, Albi, France, May 2005.

Production Credits

Curated by Peter Cusack

Project Coordinator: Patricia Bentson

Design: Peter Soe, Jr.

Cover art: Sonic Arts Network

All recordings engineered and remastered by Tom Erbe, UCSD Department of Music, La Jolla, California, U.S.A. Web site: <> Manufactured and printed by Eva-Tone, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A.

Compilation © 2006 Leonardo/ISAST

All individual © and belong to the contributors except where otherwise acknowledged.

Leonardo is a federally registered trademark of Leonardo/ISAST.

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MIT Press Journals, 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 Tel: (617) 253-2887. Fax: (617) 577-1545. E-mail: <>. Web site: <>

The LMJ CD Series

The LMJ CD series offers an exciting sampling of curious and unusual, but eminently listenable, music from around the world. Independently curated and annotated by experts and aficionados, these CDs offer a feast for the ear and mind alike. See <> for more information and a listing of titles and artists. [End Page 68]

Peter Cusack
Leonardo Music Journal


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