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The Henry James Review 27.3 (2006) 295-296

Index to Volume 27


Anesko, Michael. O O O O that Ja-hame-sian Rag / It's so elegant / So intelligent: Tracing Appropriations of the Master's Aura in Modernist Critical Discourse. 264–74.
Artese, Brian. Overhearing Testimony: James in the Shadow of Sentimentalism. 103–25.
Bersani, Leo. The It in the I: Patrice Leconte, Henry James, and Analytic Love. 202–14.
Buelens, Gert. Imagining Telegraphic Joy in the Canny Cage of Metaphor, Metonymy, and Performativity. 126–39.
Cagidemetrio, Alide. The Wings of the Dove: Tracing the Phantom of the Palace. 215–27.
Fogel, Daniel Mark. Creating Scholarly Community: A Thirty-Year View of the HJR and the Henry James Society. 285–92.
Foote, Stephanie. Henry James and the Parvenus: Reading Taste in The Spoils of Poynton. 42–60.
Ganz, Melissa. "A Strange Opposition": The Portrait of a Lady and the Divorce Debates. 156–74.
Griffin, Susan M. Introduction to Tracing James Forum. 191.
Horne, Philip. Henry James and "the forces of violence": On the Track of "big game" in "The Jolly Corner." 237–47.
Johanningsmeier, Charles. How American Readers Originally Experienced James's "The Real Thing." 75–99.
Meeuwis, Michael. Living the Dream: Benjamin's Arcades Project and The Golden Bowl. 61–74.
Michie, Elsie. The Odd Couple: Anthony Trollope and Henry James. 10–23. [End Page 295]
O'Farrell, Mary Ann. Missing Jane Austen: Henry James Considers the Old Maid. 1–9.
O'Gorman, Francis. "Fabulous and illusive": Giorgione and Henry James's The Aspern Papers (1888). 175–87.
Ohi, Kevin. "The novel is older, and so are the young": On the Queerness of Style. 140–55.
Rosenberg, Joseph Elkanah. Tangible Objects: Grasping "The Aspern Papers." 256–63.
Rowe, John Carlos. Henry James and the United States. 228–36.
Savoy, Eric. Subjunctive Biography. 248–55.
Snediker, Michael. Stasis & Verve: Henry James and the Fictions of Patience. 24–41.
Tóibín, Colm. Henry James for Venice. 192–201.
Yacobi, Tamar. "The Beldonald Holbein": The Artist's Power and Its Dangers as Narrative Center. 275–84.

Book Reviews

Mendelssohn, Michele. Review of Gert Buelens. James and the "Aliens": In Possession of the American Scene. 100–02.
Temple, Gale. Review of John R. Bradley, Henry James's Permanent Adolescence, and Cecilia Mazzucco-Than, A Form Foredoomed to Looseness: Henry James's Preoccupation with the Gender of Fiction. 188–90.


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