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Notes 63.2 (2006) 461

This column provides a forum for responses to the contents of this journal, and for information of interest to readers. The editor reserves the right to publish letters in excerpted form and to edit them for conciseness and clarity.

To the Editor:

I should like to provide a correction and an addition to my review of Jeremy Smith's edition of Byrd's Psalmes, Sonets, and Songs (Notes 62, no. 3 [March 2006]: 803–6). In the first column of page 805, an error was editorially introduced in the column which referred to Byrd's pavan and galliard BK 16 as his "third." Byrd's Third Pavan and Galliard pair is in fact BK 14, but these are not the pieces in question here.

Secondly, in the first column on page 804, I refer to Jeremy Smith's paper given at the 2004 Leeds conference devoted to Byrd, and look forward to its publication. That part of Professor Smith's paper which deals with edition B1 of Byrd's Psalmes was duly published here in Notes as "A Newly Discovered Edition of Byrd's Psalmes, Sonets & Songs: Provenance and Significance," (vol. 62, no. 2 [December 2005]: 273–98).

Richard Turbet
King's College, University of Aberdeen


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