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Notes 63.2 (2006) 450-458

Music Received
Compiled by David Knapp

A key to abbreviated imprints is found at the end of this column. For information about the content and arrangement of this list, consult the introduction to the column in the September 2006 issue (p. 208 of this volume). All Web sites accessed 23 August 2006.

Scholarly & Historical Editions

Anerio, Giovanni Francesco. Selve armonica (Rome, 1617). Ed. by Daniele V. Filippi. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 141.) A-R, 2006. ISBN 0-89579-588-4. xxxv p.; facsims.; score, 159 p. $98.
Berlioz, Hector. Benvenuto Cellini. Ed. by Hugh Macdonald. (NBE, I a-d.) Bärenreiter, 1994–[2005]. BA 5441. Score, 4 v. 1a, Acte I, premier tableau; 1b, Acte I, deuxième tableau; 1c, Acte II, troisième tableau, quatrième tableau; 1d, Critical Notes. Cloth, i911.
Berlioz, Hector. Miscellaneous Works and Index. Ed. by Hugh Macdonald. (NBE, 21.) Bärenreiter, 2005. BA 5461. ISMN M-006-45909-2. xxvi p.; score, 183 p. Cloth. i168.
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio. The Complete Works of Francesco Antonio Bonporti, with a Survey of Bonporti's Life and Works by Galliano Ciliberti. Maxwell Sobel, Ed. Indiana University Press, 2004. ISBN 0-253-21680-X. x p.; score, 686 p. Plastic comb binding. $175.
Frescobaldi, Girolamo. Canzoni alla francese, in partitura: libro quarto (1645). A cura di Etienne Darbellay. (Opere, X.) (Monumenti musicali italiani, 25.) Suvini, 2006. S. 12546 Z. xxxv p.; facsims.; score, 49 p. + suppl. (35 p.) Cloth. i120.
Lasso, Orlando di. Motetten III (Magnum opus musicum, T. III: Motetten für 5 Stimmen). Neu hrsg. von Bernhold Schmid. (Werke, 1968– 5.) Breitkopf, 2006. SON 335. ISMN M-004-80269-4. lxxxii p.; facsims., p. lxxxiv–xcii; score, 183 p. i166.
Die Melodien 1581–1595. Vorgelegt von Joachim Stalmann; bearbeitet von Hans-Otto Korth und Helmut Lauterwasser; unter Mitarbeit von Rainer H. Jung und Daniela Wissermann-Garbe. (Das deutsche Kirchenlied, III.) Bärenreiter, 2005. BA 8364. ISMN M-006-49653-2, Textband (only); ISMN M-006-49654-9, Noten- und Textband. Score, 317 p. + Textband, 421 p. Cloth. i442.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Music to Athalia, by Racine, op. 74. Version for Soloists, Women's Chorus, and Piano (1843). Ed. by Armin Koch. (Leipziger Ausgabe V/9a.) Breitkopf, 2005. SON 416. ISMN M-004-80-240-3. xv p.; score, 148 p. Cloth. i99.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Orgelwerke I: Kompositionen mit Opuszahlen. Hrsg. von Christian Martin Schmidt. (Leipziger Ausgabe, 6.) Breitkopf, 2005. SON 411. ISMN M-004-80-238-0. xli p.; score, 241 p.; facsims. Cloth. i158.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Sinfonie Nr. 3 a-Moll, op. 45. (Schottische). Hrsg. von Thomas Schmidt-Beste. (Leipziger Ausgabe, 5.) Breitkopf, 2005. SON 410. ISMN M-004-242-7. xxxi p.; score, 285 p. Cloth. i180.
Payan, Nicolas. Motets and Chansons. Ed. by Laura Pollie McDowell. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, 144.) A-R, 2006. ISBN 0-89579-593-0. xxvi p.; facsims.; score, 160 p. $98.
Schubert, Franz. Fierabras: Erster Akt. Vorgelegt von Thomas A. Denny. (NSA, II/8a.) Bärenreiter, 2005. BA 5557. ISMN M-006-49722-5. xxxvi p.; score, 292 p. Cloth. i245. [End Page 450]
Telemann, Georg Philipp. Flavius Bertaridus, König der Longobarden: Oper in drei Akten, TVWV 21:27. Hrsg. von Brit Reipsch. (Werke, XLIII.) Bärenreiter, 2005. BA 5861. ISMN M-006-49803-1. xlviii p.; score, 344 p. Facsims., p. xxviii–xlviii, including libretto. Cloth. i254.

Facsimile Editions

Gautier, Pierre. Symphonies, divisées par suites de tons. Introd. de Marc Signorile. Minkoff, 2005. ISBN 2-8266-0996-3. 16 p.; score, 103 p. i65.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Die erste Walpurgisnacht: Ballade von Goethe für Chor und Orchester, op. 60. A Full-Color Facsimile of the Autograph Piano-Vocal Score held in the Museum of Educational Heritage at Tamagawa University. Ed., with Commentary by Hiromi Hoshino. Tokyo, Yushodo Press Co., 2005. ISBN 4-8419-0396-8. Score, [48] p.; commentary, 76 p. Text in Eng. & Jpn. $420.
Phalèse, Pierre, ed. Theatrum musicum, 1563, et suppléments manuscrits. Oxford, Bodleian Library...


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