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SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 46.4 (2006) /983-985

Studies in English Literature 1500-1900
Volume 46, 2006


Abstracts, Autumn          977
Abstracts, Spring          513
Abstracts, Summer          735
Abstracts, Winter          253
Andreadis, Harriette, "Re-Configuring Early Modern Friendship: Katherine Philips and Homoerotic Desire"          523
Barr, Mark L., "Prophecy, the Law of Insanity, and The [First] Book of Urizen"          739
Bartels, Emily C., "Too Many Blackamoors: Deportation, Discrimination, and Elizabeth I"          305
Berensmeyer, Ingo, "Rhetoric, Religion, and Politics in Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici"          113
Butler, Todd, "Bacon and the Politics of the Prudential Imagination"          93
Crane, Mary Thomas, "Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama"          461
Fleck, Andrew, "Marking Difference and National Identity in Dekker's The Shoemaker's Holiday"          349
Fried, Daniel, "The Politics of the Coleridgean Symbol"          763
Goldsmith, Jason N., "The Promiscuity of Print: John Clare's 'Don Juan' and the Culture of Romantic Celebrity"          803
Gonda, Caroline, "Introduction: Friendship and Same-Sex Love"          517
Haggerty, George E., "Queering Horace Walpole"          543
Helsinger, Elizabeth, "Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century"          901 [End Page 983]
Houghton, Sarah, "The 'Community' of John Clare's Helpston"          781
Ide, Arata, "The Jew of Malta and the Diabolic Power of Theatrics in the 1580s"          257
Johnson, Eugene, "The Failed Jeremiad in Samson Agonistes"          179
King, Thomas A., "The Castrato's Castration"          563
Lamb, Mary Ellen, "Recent Studies in the English Renaissance"          195
Lines, Candace, "The Erotic Politics of Grief in Surrey's 'So crewell prison'"          1
Loewenstein, David, "Scriptural Exegesis, Female Prophecy, and Radical Politics in Mary Cary"          133
Mann, Jenny C., "How to Look at a Hermaphrodite in Early Modern England"          67
McAdam, Ian, "The Puritan Dialectic of Law and Grace in Bartholomew Fair"          415
McWilliams, John, "Marvell and Milton's Literary Friendship Reconsidered"          155
Meek, Richard, "Ekphrasis in The Rape of Lucrece and The Winter's Tale"          389
Morris, Marilyn, "Transgendered Perspectives on Premodern Sexualities"          585
Mounsey, Chris, "Persona, Elegy, and Desire"          601
Natarajan, Uttara, "Pater and the Genealogy of Hardy's Modernity"          849
O'Donnell, Katherine, "'Dear Dicky,' 'Dear Dick,' 'Dear Friend,' 'Dear Shackleton': Edmund Burke's Love for Richard Shackleton"          619
Palmer, Daryl W., "Metropolitan Resurrection in Anthony Munday's Lord Mayor's Shows"          371
Phelan, Joseph, "Clough, Arnold, BĂ©ranger, and the Legacy of 1848"          833
Potkay, Adam, "Spenser, Donne, and the Theology of Joy"          43
Potolsky, Matthew, "Hardy, Shaftesbury, and Aesthetic Education"          863 [End Page 984]
Roulston, Chris, "Framing Sensibility: The Female Couple in Art and Narrative"          641
Rutkoski, Marie, "Breeching the Boy in Marlowe's Edward II"          281
Steinberg, Glenn A., "Chaucer's Mutability in Spenser's Mutabilitie Cantos"          27
Stiles, Anne, "Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde and the Double Brain"          879
Thomas, Catherine, "Chaste Bodies and Poisonous Desires in Milton's Mask"          435
Wall, Cynthia, "Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century"          657
Walsh, Brian, "Performing Historicity in Dekker's The Shoemaker's Holiday"          323


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