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  • Contents of Volume 17, 2006

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January 2006

M. Steven Fish, Stronger Legislatures, Stronger Democracies 5

Getting to Arab Democracy

Oussama Safa, Lebanon Springs Forward 21
Mark Tessler, Mansoor Moaddel, and Ronald Inglehart, What Do Iraqis Want? 38
Barry Rubin, Dealing with Communalism 51
Steven A. Cook, The Promise of Pacts 63
Venelin I. Ganev, Ballots, Bribes, and State Building in Bulgaria 75
Juliet Johnson, Postcommunist Central Banks: A Democratic Deficit? 90
Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, Russia: Authoritarianism Without Authority 104

The 2005 Freedom House Survey

Aili Piano and Arch Puddington, Progress in the Middle East 119

Burundi’s Transition

Dave Peterson, A Beacon for Central Africa 125
Howard Wolpe and Steve McDonald, Training Leaders for Peace 132
Staffan I. Lindberg, The Surprising Significance of African Elections 139
Marianne Camerer, Measuring Public Integrity 152

Books in Review

Ahmed H. al-Rahim, Islam and Liberty 166
Aqil Shah, Soldiers and Islamists in Pakistan 169

April 2006

Francis Fukuyama, Identity, Immigration, and Liberal Democracy 5
Leon Aron, The “Mystery” of the Soviet Collapse 21

New Threats to Freedom

Carl Gershman and Michael Allen, The Assault on Democracy Assistance 36
Ivan Krastev, Democracy’s “Doubles” 52
Daniel Chirot, The Debacle in Côte d’Ivoire 63

Electoral Systems Today

Richard W. Soudriette and Andrew Ellis, A Global Snapshot 78
Adeed Dawisha and Larry Diamond, Iraq’s Year of Voting Dangerously 89
Andrew Reynolds, The Curious Case of Afghanistan 104
Jih-wen Lin, The Politics of Reform in Japan and Taiwan 118
Scott Radnitz, What Really Happened in Kyrgyzstan? 132
Leila Alieva, Azerbaijan’s Frustrating Elections 147


Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Getting Costa Rica Right 161
Fabrice Lehoucq, Different Times, Different Demands 165

Books in Review

Marc F. Plattner, The History of a Word 168

July 2006

Anwar Ibrahim, Universal Values and Muslim Democracy 5
Scott Mainwaring, The Crisis of Representation in the Andes 13

Reforming Intelligence

Steven C. Boraz and Thomas C. Bruneau, Democracy and Effectiveness 28
Kenneth R. Dombroski, South Africa After Apartheid 43
Steven E. Phillips, Identity and Security in Taiwan 58
Mikhail Tsypkin, Russia’s Failure 72
Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Corruption: Diagnosis and Treatment 86
Richard L. Sklar, Ebere Onwudiwe, and Darren Kew, Nigeria: Completing Obasanjo’s Legacy 100

The Palestinian Elections

Khalil Shikaki, Sweeping Victory, Uncertain Mandate 116
Riad Malki, Beyond Hamas and Fatah 131
Daniel Calingaert, Election Rigging and How to Fight It 138
Tom Lodge, The Future of South Africa’s Party System 152

Books in Review

Anders Åslund, The Dark Side of Globalization 167

October 2006

Valerie J. Bunce and Sharon L. Wolchik, Favorable Conditions and Electoral Revolutions 5

A “Left Turn” in Latin America?

Hector E. Schamis, Populism, Socialism, and Democratic Institutions 20
Matthew R. Cleary, Explaining the Left’s Resurgence 35
Christopher Sabatini and Eric Farnsworth, The Urgent Need for Labor Law Reform 50
Arturo Valenzuela and Lucía Dammert, Problems of Success in Chile 65
Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Colombia Hews to the Path of Change 80
Cynthia McClintock, An Unlikely Comeback in Peru 95
Husain Haqqani, History Repeats Itself in Pakistan 110
Donald L. Horowitz, Constitutional Courts: A Primer for Decision Makers 125
Vitali Silitski, Belarus: Learning from Defeat 138
Kemal Derviş, Governance and Development 153


Karen Kramer, Arab Political Pacts: An Unlikely Scenario 160
Steven A. Cook, Mistaking Data for “Theory” 166

Books in Review

Jørgen Møller, Equality or Liberty? 169


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