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  • Contents of Volume 103
Benson, Sean. "If I do prove her haggard": Shakespeare's Application of Hawking Tropes to Marriage. 186
Collington, Philip D. "Stuffed with all honourable virtues": Much Ado About Nothing and The Book of the Courtier. 281
Davis, Alex. Savagery, Civility, and Popular Literature: Richard Johnson's Tom a Lincolne. 264
Harwood, Britton J. Chaucer and the Gift (If There Is Any). 26
Kinch, Ashby. The Ethical Agency of the Female Lyric Voice: The Wife's Lament and Catullus 64. 121
Kuchar, Gary. Andrew Marvell's Anamorphic Tears. 345
Kumaran, Arul. Robert Greene's Martinist Transformation in 1590. 243
Lund, Roger D. Augustan Burlesque and the Genesis of Joseph Andrews. 88
Machan, Tim William. Medieval Multilingualism and Gower's Literary Practice. 1
Marshall, Ashley. "I saw him dead": Marvell's Elegy for Cromwell. 499
Myers, Benjamin. "Such is the face of falshood": Spenserian Theodicy in Ireland. 383
Norris, Ralph. Minor Sources in Caxton's Roman War. 68
Nowlin, Steele. Between Precedent and Possibility: Liminality, Historicity, and Narrative in Chaucer's The Franklin's Tale. 47
Quinn, Kelly A. Fulke Greville's Friendly Patronage. 417
Robertson, Randy. Lovelace and the "barbed Censurers": Lucasta and Civil War Censorship. 465
Sánchez-Martí, Jordi. Reconstructing the Audiences of the Middle English Versions of Ipomedon. 153
Schlatter, Fredric W. Hopkins and Baillie. 522 [End Page 547]
Semler, L. E. Robert Dallington's Hypnerotomachia and the Protestant Antiquity of Elizabethan England. 208
Smyth, Adam. "Art Reflexive": The Poetry, Sermons, and Drama of William Strode (1601?-1645). 436
Sullivan, Ceri. London's Early Modern Creative Industrialists. 313
Wentersdorf, Karl P. On "Momtanish Inhumanyty" in Sir Thomas More. 178
Zaidi, Ali Shehzad. Self-Contradiction in Henry VIII and La cisma de Inglaterra. 329 [End Page 548]


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