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Research in African Literatures 37.4 (2006) 242-246

Index To Volume 37


Adamu, Abdalla Uba—"Loud Bubbles from a Silent Brook: Trends and Tendencies in Contemporary Hausa Prose Writing," 37.3: 135–55.
Barber, Karin, and Graham Furniss—"Introduction," special issue African-Language Writing, 37.3: 1–14
Begag, Azouz—"Of Imposture and Incompetence: Paul Smaïl's Vivre me tue," 37.1: 55–71.
Bourget, Carine—"Language, Filiation, and Affiliation in Leïla Sebbar's Autobiographical Narratives," 37.4: 121–35.
Britton, Celia—"'Common Being' and Organic Community in Jacques Roumain's Gouverneurs de la rosée," 37.2: 164–75.
Cancel, Robert—"Recollections and Introductory Comments in Honor of Harold E. Scheub," 37.2: 1–4.
Cosentino, Donald—"Du côté de chez Scheub," 37.2: 5–8.
Devarenne, Nicole—"'In hell you hear only your mother tongue': Afrikaner Nationalist Ideology, Linguistic Subversion, and Cultural Renewal in Marlene van Nieker's Triomf, 37.4: 105–20.
Diop, Samba—"The Wolof Epic: From Spoken Word to Written Text," 37.3: 122–34.
Dunton, Chris—"Pupils, Witch Doctor, Vengeance: Amos Tutuola as Playwright," 37.4: 1–14.
Erritouni, Ali—"Apartheid Inequality and Postapartheid Utopia in Nadine Gordimer's July's People," 37.4: 68–84.
Green, Michael—"Generic Instability and the National Project: History, Nation, and Form in Sol T. Plaatje's Mhudi," 37.4: 34–47.
Gunner, Liz—"Zulu Choral Music—Performing Identities in a New State," 37.2: 83–97.
Hargreaves, Alec G.—"Testimony: Co-Authorship and Dispossession among Women of Maghrebi Origin in France," 37.1: 42–54.
Hargreaves, Alec G., Nicki Hitchcott, and Dominic Thomas—"Introduction," special issue Textual Ownership in Francophone African Writing," 37.1: x–ix.
Hitchcott, Nicki—"Calixthe Beyala: Prizes, Plagiarism, and 'Authenticity,'" 37.1: 100–09.
Irele, F. Abiola—"In Search of Camara Laye," 37.1: 110–27.
Kruger, Loren—"Filming the Edgy City: Cinematic Narrative and Urban Form in Postapartheid Johannesburg," 37.2: 141–63.
Lenta, Ashlee—"The Merits of Print for Thembu Praise Poet David Manisi," 37.3: 47–66.
Little, Roger—"Reflections on a Triangular Trade in Borrowing and Stealing: Textual Exploitation in a Selection of African, Caribbean, and European Writers in French," 37.1: 16–27.
Low, Gail—"The Natural Artist: Publishing Amos Tutuola's The Palm-Wine Drinkard in Postwar Britain," 37.4: 15–33. [End Page 242]
Maake, Nhlanhla—"Watermarks in the Sesotho Novels of the Twentieth Century," 37.3: 67–84.
Mack, Beverly B.—"'Metaphor Is a Bridge to Ultimate Reality': Metaphor in Hausa Women's Poetry," 37.2: 43–60.
Mbele, Joseph L.—"Women in the African Epic," 37.2: 61–67.
Moss, Laura—"'Nice Audible Crying': Editions, Testimonies, and Country of My Skull," 37.4: 85–104.
Moudileno, Lydie—"Magical Realism: 'Arme miraculeuse' for the African Novel?" 37.1: 28–41.
Moura, Jean-Marc—"Textual Ownership in L'étrange destin de Wangrin (The Fortunes of Wangrin) by Ahamdou Hampté Bâ," 37.1: 91–99.
Newton, Robert C.—"Of Dangerous Energy and Transformations: Nyamakalaya and the Sunjata Phenomenon," 37.2: 15–33.
Nnodim, Rita—"Configuring Audiences in Yorùbá Novels, Print, and Media Poetry," 37.3: 156–77.
Noss, Philip A.—"Gbaya Riddles in Changing Times," 37.2: 34–42.
Okediji, Oladejo, with Karin Barber—"Oládejo Òkédìjí on His Writing Life," 37.3: 32–46.
Okpewho, Isidore—"Home, Exile, and the Space In Between," 37.2: 68–73.
Orwin, Martin—"The Worldly and the Unworldly in Jacayl Dhiig Ma Lagu Qoray by Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame 'Hadraawi,'" 37.3: 15–31.
Peterson, Derek—"Casting Characters: Autobiography and Political Imagination in Central Kenya," 37.3: 178–91.
Prabhu, Anjali—"Narration in Frantz Fanon's Peau noire masques blancs," 37.4: 189–210.
Rosello, Mireille—"Elissa Rhaïs: Scandals, Impostures, Who Owns the Story?" 37.1: 1–15.
Saunders, Rebecca—"Decolonizing the Body: Gender, Nation, and Narration in Tahar ben Jelloun's L'enfant de sable," 37.4: 136–60.
Smith, Annette—"'A Man Was Here': Aimé Césaire Revisited," 37.2: 125–40.
Sullivan, Joanna—"Redefining the Novel in Africa," 37...


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