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  • Three Poems
  • Mông-Lan (bio)


the ocean air I smell a condition attached to everything a tongue in every mouth from the sea I learn to be still

footsteps the second hand tocking a door slams urgent fingers will the steps come to my door? inside the walls hands

night burns in the sky stars like footprints darkness amber-eaten waves the shore is a tongue eating itself

a bowl of rice left by my door the sea in the salt [End Page 40]

A Tractor

squats waiting for its season the steel hand hungering the night music of crickets’ whiskers resound within the wheat-walking fields hours of black rain descend like cut hair the gnawing crevices moss & mucus come alive awaken the clay

The Taste

of a sonata adrift your blanket the moon the sun through the trees like specks of pepper night wobbles like a drunkard at the dialectal borders something is happening in the world explosions firecrackers in the night sky like the coral’s patient act you untangle yourself from the net of a dream love was something you invented drawing your shadows on the rock


Mông-Lan has had work published in such journals as Quarterly West, Iowa Review, and Kenyon Review.