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Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 49.4 (2006) Web Only Content

Volume 49 Index


Science and Medicine

Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Therapy: Translating a Traditional Practice into Western Medicine         159
Richard Sullivan, John E. Smith, and Neil J. Rowan
Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Maladaptation of the Vigilant Genotype ina Hyper-Clean World?         171
T. V. Rajan
Placebo, Meaning, and Health         178
Bruce Barrett, Daniel Muller, David Rakel, David Rabago, Lucille Marchand,and Jo Scheder
The Evolutionary Psychology of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:The Role of Cognitive Metarepresentation         317
Martin Brüne
Putting the Systems Back into Systems Biology         475
Athel Cornish-Bowden
Complex Adaptive System Models and the Genetic Analysis of PlasmaHDL-Cholesterol Concentration         490
Thomas J. Rea, Christine M. Brown, and Charles F. Sing
Science, Medicine, and Intercessory Prayer         504
Richard P. Sloan and Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan

Ethics and Philosophy

Research in the Ranks: Vulnerable Subjects, Coercible Collaboration, and the Hepatitis E Vaccine Trial in Nepal         35
Jason Andrews
The Prescriber as Moralist: Values in the Antidepressant Debate         199
Neil Scheurich
Cosmetic Psychopharmacology and the President's Council on Bioethics         515
Michael A. Cerullo

History and Biography

"Winged Sponges": Houseflies as Carriers of Typhoid Fever in 19th- and Early 20th-Century Military Camps         52
Vincent J. Cirillo
The Seeds and the Worms: Ludwik Fleck and the Early History of Germ Theories         64
Stig Brorson
Dietary Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in the Pre-Insulin Era (1914–1922)         77
Eric C. Westman, William S. Yancy Jr., and Margaret Humphreys
Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of Congenital Syphilis         209
Arthur M. Silverstein and Christine Ruggere
A Clinical Alternative to the Public Health Approach to Mental Illness:A Forgotten Social Experiment         220
John C. Burnham
Strong Inference: Rationale or Inspiration?         238
Rowland H. Davis
Medical Electricity and Madness in the 18th Century: The Legaciesof Benjamin Franklin and Jan Ingenhousz         330
Sherry Ann Beaudreau and Stanley Finger
Heart Attack, Heart Rate, and Gel Electrodes: The Invention ofAmbulatory Cardiology         346
Donald A. Rowley and Seymour Glagov
Environment, Population, and Biology: A Short History of ModernEpidemiology         357
Alessandra Parodi, David Neasham, and Paolo Vineis
Aristotle's Study of the Animal World: The Case of the Kobios and Phucis         369
Jason A. Tipton
Building Blocks That Make a Doctor, 1920–1938         524
Barbara Young

Medical Education and Practice

Medicine and Place: An Inquiry         84
Julie M. Aultman and Delese Wear
Redefining Disease? The Nosologic Implications of Molecular Genetic Knowledge         99
Fiona Alice Miller, Megan E. Begbie, Mita Giacomini, Catherine Ahern, and Erin A. Harvey
Gynecologists and Estrogen: An Affair of the Heart         115
Adriane Fugh-Berman and Anthony R. Scialli
Investigating the Barons: Narrative and Nomenclature in Munchausen Syndrome         250
Jill A. Fisher
Beyond the Physician Charter: Reflections on Medical Professionalism         263
Herbert M. Swick, Charles S. Bryan, and Lawrence D. Longo
Aequanimitas Redux: William Osler on Detached Concern versusHumanistic Empathy         384
Charles S. Bryan
Doctoring as Leadership: The Power to Heal         393
Edvin Schei
The Gift: When a Patient Chooses to Die         537
David Goldblatt
"Post-Residency Disease" and the Medical Self: Identity, Work, and Health Care Among Doctors Who Become Patients         542
Robert Klitzman
Torture in Abu Ghraib         553
Allen S. Keller

Culture and Society

Medicine in the Age of Ulysses: James Joyce's Portrait of Life, Medicine, and Disease on a Dublin Day a Century Ago         276
Fergus Shanahan and Eamonn M. M. Quigley
Contested Boundaries: Psychiatry, Disease, and Diagnosis         407
Charles E. Rosenberg
What's in a Name? Death Before Birth         425
Annemarie Jutel
The Rise and Demise of a Collection of Human Fetuses at Mount Holyoke College         435
Lynn M. Morgan
The Evolution of a Social Construction: The Case of Male Homosexuality         570
Pieter R. Adriaens and Andreas De Block
Why Psychiatric Conditions Are Special: An Evolutionary and Cross-Cultural Perspective         586
Horacio Fabrega, Jr.
Regarding Zygotes as Persons: Implications for Public Policy         602
L. Lewis Wall and Douglas Brown
The Politics of Pathology: How Obesity Became an Epidemic Disease         611
J. Eric Oliver

Essay Reviews

Working Minds          131
Barbara Maria Stafford
Mark Twain's Medicine Show          137
Wes Davis
The Making...


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