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Eighteenth-Century Studies 40.1 (2006) 173-174

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Books Received *

Books Received from April through June 2006

Allen, Michael, ed. An English Lady in Paris: The Diary of Frances Anne Crewe, 1786 (St. Leonards: Oxford-Stockely Publications, 2006). Pp. 245. £29.95 cloth.

Bannet, Eve Tavor. Empire of Letters: Letter Manuals and Transatlantic Correspondence, 1680–1820 (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 347. $90 cloth.

Binney, Matthew. The Cosmopolitan Evolution (Lanham, MD: Univ. Press of America, 2006). Pp. 241. $65 cloth. $32 paper.

Clark, Steve and Masashi Suzuki, eds. The Reception of Blake in the Orient (New York: Continuum, 2006). Pp. 348. $150 cloth.

Crow, Thomas. Emulation: David, Dourais, and Girodet in the Art of Revolutionary France (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 378. $35 paper.

Doll, Dan and Jessica Munns, eds. Recording and Reordering: Essays on Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century Diary and Journal (Lewisburg: Bucknell Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 248. $47.50 cloth.

Du Val, Kathleen. The Native Ground: Indians and Colonists in the Heart of the Continent (Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2006). Pp. 320. $45 cloth.

Elliott, John H. Empires of the World: Britain and Spain in America 1492–1830 (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 546. $35 cloth.

Feroli, Teresa. Political Speaking Justified: Women Prophets and the English Revolution (Newark: Univ. of Delaware Press, 2006). Pp. 270. $49.50 cloth. [End Page 173]

Goudie, Sean X. Creole America: The West Indies and the Formation of Literature and Culture in the New Republic (Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2006). Pp. 275. $55 cloth.

Immel, Andrea and Michael Witmore, eds. Childhood and Children's Books in Early Modern Europe, 1550–1800 (New York: Routledge, 2005). Pp. 341. $95 cloth.

Le Faye, Deirdre. A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her Family (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 776. $150 cloth.

Lonoff, Sue and Terri A. Hassler. Approaches to Teaching Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights (New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2006). Pp. 195. $19.75 paper ($15.80 MLA members), $37.50 cloth ($30 MLA members).

Marsden, Jean I. Fatal Desire: Women, Sexuality, and the English Stage, 1660–1720 (Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 216. $45 cloth.

Nicholas, Angus. Goethe's Concept of the Daemonic After the Ancients (Rochester: Camden House, 2006).Pp. 313. $75 cloth.

Pagannone, Giorgio. W. A. Mozart: Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra K491 in do minore (Roma: Carocci editore, 2006). Pp. 179. €16.90 paper.

Primer, Irwin. Bernard Mandeville's "A Modest Defence of Publick Stews": Prostitution and its Discontents in Early Georgian England (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006). Pp. 208. $22.95 paper.

Russet, Margaret. Fictions and Fakes: Foreign Romantic Authenticity, 1760–1845 (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 258. $85 cloth.

Sillars, Stuart. Painting Shakespeare: The Artist as Critic, 1720–1820 (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 337. $120 cloth.

Szechi, Daniel. 1715: The Great Jacobite Rebellion (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 351. $50 cloth.

Veiras, Denis. The History of the Sevarambians: A Utopian Novel, ed. John Christian Larsen and Cyrus Masroori (Albany: SUNY Press, 2006). Pp. 390. $89.50 cloth. $29.95 paper.

* Books for review may be sent to Alessa Johns, Reviews Editor, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Dept. of English, UC-Davis, One Shields Ave., University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616.



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