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The Missouri Review 29.2 (2006) 27

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Ed Falco

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Ed Falco

When a short story gets everything right, it is a uniquely powerful work of art," says Ed Falco. "The form is capable of the focused intensity of poetry."

Falco's work spans the spectrum of literary production: he has written novels, short stories, poetry and plays, as well as hypertext poetry and fiction. He recently completed a digital writing project called "Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales" with photographer Mary Pinto. This work will appear later this year as part of a CD called The Electronic Literature Collection, edited by Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg and Stephanie Strickland (Electronic Literature Organization). And though he has worked in so many different forms of literature, the short story still holds a unique power for him:

"There are stories I read over and over again—Frank O'Connor's 'Guests of the Nation' comes immediately to mind—and with every reading I find myself completely engaged, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. I'm pulled out of the everyday world into a place that resonates with power and meaning. That's the rush that I read for, always—and I find it most often in short stories and poems. As a writer, that's my goal, to write such stories. I'm also interested in experimentation, in finding new ways to explore the possibilities of language and story. The short story, though, has a special attraction for me, and I'm always listening for the next one."

Raised in New York, Ed Falco currently lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he teaches in the MFA program at Virginia Tech. In 2005, Unbridled Books published his novel Wolf Point and a collection, Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha: New and Selected Stories. He is currently beginning work on a new novel.



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