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Eighteenth-Century Studies 39.4 (2006) 583-586

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Books Received*

Books Received from January through March 2006

Ahnert, Thomas. Religion and the Origins of German Enlightenment: Faith and the Reform of Learning in the Thought of Christian Thomasius (Rochester, NY: Rochester Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 189. $75 cloth.

Andress, David. The Terror: The Merciless War for Freedom in Revolutionary France (New York: Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2006). Pp. 441. $26 cloth.

Atherton, Geoffrey. The Decline and Fall of Virgil in the Eighteenth-Century Germany: The Repressed Muse (Rochester: Boydell & Brewer, 2006). Pp. 312. $75 cloth.

Austen, Jane. Emma. Richard Cronin and Dorothy McMillan, eds. The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2005). Pp. 600. $90 cloth.

Austen, Jane. Mansfield Park. John Wiltshire, ed. The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2005). Pp. 738. $90 cloth.

Baker, Jennifer J. Securing the Commonwealth: Debt, Speculation, & Writing in the Making of Early America (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 218. $50 cloth.

Batchelor, Jennie, and Cora Kaplan, eds. British Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century: Authorship, Politics and History (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005). Pp. 193. $65 cloth.

Baucom, Ian. Specters of the Atlantic: Finance Capital, Slavery, and the Philosophy of History (Duke: Duke University Press, 2005). Pp. 387. $23.95 paper. [End Page 583]

Bayle, Pierre. Correspondance de Pierre Bayle tome IV: janvier 1684– juillet 1684, Lettres 242–308. Elisabeth Labrous et. al. eds. (Oxford:Voltaire Foundation, 2005). Pp. 287. $165 cloth.

Berman, Carolyn Vellenga. Creole Crossings: Domestic Fiction and the Reform of Colonial Slavery (Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 240. $39.95 cloth.

Bongie, Laurence L. From Rogue to Everyman: A Foundling's Journey to the Bastille (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's Univ. Press, 2004). Pp. 444. $80 cloth.

Carey, Brycchan. British Abolitionism and the Rhetoric of Sensibility: Writing, Sentiment, and Slavery, 1760–1807 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005). Pp. 240. $65 cloth.

Despoix, Philippe. Le monde mesuré: dispositifs de l'exploration à l'âge des Lumières (Genève: Droz, 2005). Pp. 271. €52.05 paper.

Eigen, Sara and Mark Larrimore, eds. The German Invention of Race (Albany, NY: State Univ. of New York Press, 2006). Pp. 221. $60 cloth.

Etter, Brian K. Between Transcendence and Historicism: The Ethical Nature of the Arts in Hegelian Aesthetics (Albany, NY: State Univ. of New York Press, 2006). Pp. 259. $65 cloth.

Frasca, Ralph. Benjamin Franklin's Printing Network: Disseminating Virtue in Early America (Columbia: Univ. of Missouri Press, 2005). Pp. 295. $44.99 cloth.

Gravina, Gianvincenzo. Originum Juris Civilis Libri Tres. 2 vol. (Napoli: Ligouri Editore, 2005). Pp. 937+ 506. $200 cloth.

Hill, Ruth. Hierarchy, Commerce, and Fraud in Bourbon Spanish America: A Postal Inspector's Exposé (Nashville: Vanderbilt Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 408. $59.95 cloth.

Hinds, Elizabeth Jane Wall, ed. The Multiple Worlds of Pynchon's Mason & Dixon: Eighteenth-Century Contexts, Postmodern Observations (Rochester: Camden House, 2005). Pp. 232. $70 cloth.

Hoenselaars, Ton and Arthur F Kinney, eds. Challenging Humanism: Essays in Honor of Dominic Baker-Smith (Newark: Univ. of Delaware Press, 2005). Pp. 333. $60 cloth.

Holmes, Mary Tavener. Nicolas Lancret: Dance Before a Fountain. (Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2006). Pp. 129. $19.95.

Hyde, Melissa. Making up the Rococo: Francois Boucher and His Critics (Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2006). Pp. 272. $49.95 paper.

Iarocci, Michael. Properties of Modernity: Romantic Spain, Modern Europe, and the Legacies of Empire (Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2006). Pp. 278. $69.95 cloth. $34.95 paper.

Kerrison, Catherine. Claiming the Pen: Women and Intellectual Life in the Early American South (Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press, 2006). Pp. 265. $45 cloth.

Kiefer, Carol Solomon. The Empress Josephine: Art and Royal Identity (Amherst: Mead Art Museum, 2005). Pp. 128. $35.95 paper. [End Page 584]

Lee, Debbie. Romantic Liars: Obscure Women Who Became Impostors and Challenged an Empire (New York: Palgrave, 2006). Pp. 249. $69.95 cloth.

Lemay, J. A. Leo. The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume I: Journalist, 1706–1730 (Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2005). Pp. 568. $39.95 cloth.



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