Cities have a very special status in Hélène Cixous's writings. The writer was born in Oran, grew up in Algiers, studied both in Paris and New York, lived a few years near Montaigne, the city of the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne, heard a lot about the city of Osnabrück in Germany through her mother who was born and spent her childhood there. Cixous's imagination is consequently filled with highly diverse geographical elements coming from the numerous cities she directly and indirectly knows, and for each of which she has a very specific attachment. This article focuses on three major cities in the writer's work and imagination: Oran, Osnabrück, and Manhattan— three places of fascination and of magical transmission. For a city is not simply, in Cixous's work, a given and localizable spot with precise characteristics (what is a "real place"), but is also a place about which to fantasize, a starting point for dreaming, for fiction, and for writing.


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