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  • Editorial Notes
  • Darrick Danta

Well, here it is…my last issue of the Yearbook; number 10; X marks the spot; a big "thumbs up" [10 in ASL]; a real tíz [Hungarian 10, pronounced "tease"]. I've gotta hand it you, the reader, for enduring my efforts to date, but since I've used up all my readily countable digits, to continue would require quite an additional feat.

I took over the task of editing the Yearbook in fall 1996, inheriting a publication that was a couple years out of date. My immediate goal was to get the journal caught up, then work on establishing a more regular publishing schedule. From about Volume 61 (1999) onward, Yearbooks have arrived before the annual meetings, so I've achieved this goal. I've also tried to maintain the high standards of the Yearbook set by my predecessors. The extent to which this has been accomplished, though, I leave to you.

After editing 8 Plenary Sessions, 10 Presidential Addresses, 27 Book Reviews, 46 Articles, and more Abstracts than I care to remember for a total page count that runs over 2,000, I am in a position to pass on some advice to potential authors.

Of course I have not completed my tasks in a vacuum, and wish to acknowledge several people. First, I wish to thank all of the authors who over the years have toiled to produce the high-quality works we all have enjoyed in the pages of the Yearbook. Given the amount of work required to publish a paper, it is amazing that anyone undertakes the project. But undertake they do, to our great reward. So, to all the authors whose works I have dealt with, a well-intentioned "Thank you!" And to those whose feathers I've ruffled through gruffness and/or lack of skill, an equally well-intentioned "I'm sorry!"

I wish to next acknowledge and thank the members of the Editorial Board. One of our members, Jack Mrowka, is no longer with us; I still miss Jack's smile and enthusiasm at the meetings, and certainly miss his energetic efforts brought to bear when reviewing articles. To the other members—Kate Berry, Tina Kennedy, David Larson, Elliot McIntire, Judith Walton, and Antonia Hussey—I offer my sincere gratitude for a job well done. Now for even better news: you are hereby released from service! [End Page 151]

I want to acknowledge and thank the two Graphics Editors who over the years have provided exemplary service to the Yearbook. Robert Provin, Staff Cartographer in the Geography Department at CSUN, for several years helped me with all the maps, photos, and other graphical elements that went into the Yearbook. His expertise greatly improved the technical merit of the publication. We didn't get everything perfect, but managed to at least make improvements. Robert retired recently, and in his place David Deis has ably filled the breach. Thus far David has not only worked to improve various graphics, but has gone so far as to produce completely new maps for a few articles. Robert and David deserve much of the credit for the success of the Yearbook over the past 10 years.

Much of the rest of the credit goes to the Copy Editor, Rick Cooper. I always end up thanking Rick last, but of course he is the one who does the most in terms of getting the Yearbook into publishable form. Without his tireless efforts on our behalf, we would receive a much shabbier publication. My main regret in relinquishing editorship is no longer working with Rick. Besides possessing a wealth of editorial knowledge, a keen eye for detail, great organizational skills, and very prompt turn-around, he is a true joy to work with. So, thanks, Rick, for all your fine efforts. I could go on, but perhaps the following—which I think accurately captures the REAL editorial process in existence at Yearbook-land—sums it up.

I get a paper but egad what a blooper! I'll need to work like mad to make it super-duper. But when hurry turns to worry, And flurry melds to blurry, I simply hit the pad that...


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