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Festschriften, Essay Collections, and Books Discussed in More Than One Chapter

Aging and Identity / Sara Munson Deats and Lagretta Tallent Lenker, eds., Aging and Identity: A Humanities Perspective (Praeger)

American Declarations / Harold K. Bush Jr., American Declarations: Rebellion and Repentance in American Cultural History (Illinois)

American Literary Mentors / Irene C. Goldman-Price and Melissa McFarland, eds., American Literary Mentors (Florida)

American Modernism / Jay Bochner and Justin D. Edwards, eds., American Modernism Across the Arts (Peter Lang)

American Palestine / Hilton Obenzinger, American Palestine: Melville, Twain, and the Holy Land Mania (Princeton)

Author as Character / Paul Franssen and Tom Hoenselaars, The Author as Character: Representing Historical Writers in Western Literature (Fairleigh Dickinson)

Birthing a Nation / Susan J. Rosowski, Birthing a Nation: Gender, Creativity, and the West in American Literature (Nebraska)

Black Imagination and the Middle Passage / Maria Diedrich, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Carl Pedersen, eds., Black Imagination and the Middle Passage (Oxford)

Citizens of Somewhere Else / Dan McCall, Citizens of Somewhere Else: Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry James (Cornell)

Constructing American Lives / Scott Casper, Constructing American Lives: Biography and Culture in Nineteenth-Century America (No. Car.)

Contemporary African American Novelists / Emmanuel S. Nelson, Contemporary African American Novelists (Greenwood)

Culture of Eloquence / James Perrin Warren, Culture of Eloquence: Oratory and Reform in Antebellum America (Penn. State)

Disarming the Nation / Elizabeth Young, Disarming the Nation: [End Page ix] Women's Writing and the American Civil War (Chicago)

Hawthorne and Women / John L. Idol Jr. and Melinda M. Ponder, eds., Hawthorne and Women: Engendering and Expanding the Hawthorne Canon (Mass.)

Imagined Empires / Eric Wertheimer, Imagined Empires: Incas, Aztecs, and the New World of American Literature, 1771–1876 (Cambridge)

Immigrant Experience / Katherine B. Payant and Rose Toby, eds., The Immigrant Experience in North American Literature: Carving Out a Niche (Greenwood)

Jewett and Her Contemporaries / Karen L. Kilcup and Thomas S. Edwards, eds., Jewett and Her Contemporaries: Reshaping the Canon (Florida)

Languages of Addiction / Jane Lilienfeld and Jeffrey Oxford, Languages of Addiction (St. Martin's)

Late Modernism / Tyrus Miller, Late Modernism: Politics, Fiction, and the Arts Between the World Wars (Calif.)

Learning from Difference / Richard C. Moreland, Learning from Difference: Teaching Morrison, Twain, Ellison, and Eliot (Ohio State)

Leisure Ethic / William Gleason, The Leisure Ethic: Work and Play in American Literature, 1840–1940 (Stanford)

Literature and the Child / James Holt McGavran, ed., Literature and the Child: Romantic Continuations, Postmodern Contestations (Iowa)

Narrative Forms / Scott Romine, The Narrative Forms of Southern Community (LSU)

On Racial Frontiers / Gregory Stephens, On Racial Frontiers: The New Culture of Frederick Douglass, Ralph Ellison, and Bob Marley (Cambridge)

Poetics of Transition / Jonathan Levin, The Poetics of Transition: Emerson, Pragmatism, and American Literary Modernism (Duke)

Portable Theater / Alan L. Ackerman Jr., The Portable Theater: American Literature and the Nineteenth-Century Stage (Hopkins)

Producing American Races / Patricia McKee, Producing American Races: Henry James, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison (Duke)

Prophets of Recognition / Julia Eichelberger, Prophets of Recognition: Ideology and the Individual in Novels by Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, Saul Bellow, and Eudora Welty (LSU)

Queer Poetics / Mary E. Galvin, Queer Poetics: Five Modernist Women Writers (Praeger)

Reading the Symptom / Mohamed Zavani, Reading the Symptom: Norris, Dreiser, and the Dynamics of Capitalism (Peter Lang)

Reciprocal Influences / Steven Fink and Susan S. Williams, eds., Reciprocal Influences: Literary Production, Distribution, and Consumption in America (Ohio State)

Scenes of Shame / Joseph Adamson and Hillary Clark, eds., Scenes of [End Page x] Shame: Psychoanalysis, Shame, and Writing (SUNY)

Secret Journeys / Marilyn C. Wesley, Secret Journeys: The Trope of Women's Travel in American Literature (SUNY)

Soft Canons / Karen L. Kilcup, ed., Soft Canons: American Women Writers and Masculine Tradition (Iowa)

Solitude and Society in the Works of Melville and Wharton / Linda Costanzo Cahir, Solitude and Society in the Works of Herman Melville and Edith Wharton (Greenwood)

Southern Mothers / Nagueyalti Warren and Sally Wolff, eds., Southern Mothers: Fact and Fictions in Southern Women's Writing (LSU)

Spectral Readings / Glennis Byron and David Punter, eds., Spectral Readings: Towards a Gothic Geography (St. Martin's)

Still the New World / Philip Fisher, Still the New World: American Literature in a Culture of Creative Destruction (Harvard)

Strange Talk / Gavin Jones, Strange Talk: The Politics of Dialect Literature in Gilded Age America (Calif.)



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