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Sonic Arts Network Expo

The Sonic Arts Network will hold their 2006 Expo on 23–26 June 2006 in Manchester, UK. Performances, exhibitions and presentations by UK artists and a selection of international artists will be spread among venues across Manchester including concert halls, galleries, bars, nightclubs, and historic architechtural spaces. Among the work will be a £4,000 commissioned installation at Cornerhouse. All events will be free and open to the public.


Musicacoustica and Electronic Music Studies in Beijing

The Musicacoustica 2006 festival will be held in Beijing, China, on 22– 29 October. The theme of the conference is Language. The festival will be held in conjunction with the Electro-acoustic Music Studies 2006 (EMS06) conference around the theme of Terminology and Translation. The joint meeting is envisaged as a summit on the conherence of electroacoustic music terminology subject to the twisting and bending of the field in its emerging global context. Issues to be covered include linguistics and music, ontology specification, semantic Web, music knowledge modeling, and the translation of specialized electroacoustic concepts and terminology.

The conference and festival are hosted by the Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China Electronic Music Center (CEMC) based at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, along with the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network. In addition to conference events, festival concerts will take place throughout the week.

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The World by Ear

This year's International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2006) will host a concert of sonification entitled "Global Music—The World by Ear" on 21 June 2006 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. The music selected for performance at the concert will be derived in various ways from "global data" derived from specific aspects (e.g., geographical, ecological, or economic) of the environment in which societies exist.


New Doctoral Program at Bowling Green

The College of Musical Arts of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, USA, has announced a new DMA program in Contemporary Music. Graduates of the new program will be trained as composers or performers conversant in the aesthetic, technical, and philosophical aspects of contemporary music. The program will utilize the Music Technology and Recording Studios as a research facility, and will support interdisciplinary interaction with the School of Art as well as the Center for New Media and Emerging Technology. Candidates for the degree will also carry a minor concentration in culture, music cognition, or digital media.


Ars Electronica 2006

Ars Electronica will be holding their annual Festival for Art, Technology, and Society with exhibitions, lectures, public discussions, installations, concerts, and performances on 31 August–5 September 2006.

Documentation from the Ars Electronica 2005 festival, "Hybrid—Living in Paradox," is online, and contains speeches, forum recordings, essays, and descriptions of projects.


Music Perception and Cognition Conferences

The Ninth International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC9) will be held on 22–26 August in Bologna, Italy. The conference will also be the occasion for the Sixth Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM6). The goals of the conferences are interdisciplinary discussion and dissemination of research in the psychology of music, theory, composition, psychophysics, performance, education, neurophysiology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, and computer technology.

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