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  • Hola y chao, Killing for Living, Yo Robot, To: me
  • Roger Atasi

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(top left) Hola y chao, video, 2 min, Embassy of France, Lima, 2001. (top right) Killing for Living, video installation, 5 min, Yohni se vende: espacios sobre Gamarra, Exhibition Centro Cultural de España, Lima, 1999. (bottom left) Yo Robot, video, 6 min, Último Lustro, Exhibition Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes, Lima, 1998. (bottom right) To: Me, video, 4 min, REC.Media.Uno, Exhibition Centro Cultural de España, Lima, 2000. (All works © Roger Atasi)

My interest in plastic arts and my use of electronic media emerge from my interest in spaces that can be "used" and intervened into. Surely, this is because of my background as sculptor.

I feel that in a 5-year period my work has passed through many diverse stages, starting from my interest in urban zones (Neo Tokio Mon Amour, Paisaje transcultural y transhistórico, Cyclolima), and then, little by little, moving to an urban self-portrait stage, in which I built the characters (Yo Robot, Killing for Living) to represent all that burdened me at a specific moment, whether I did so in a satirical or documentary way.

In October 2000, with the video To: Me I began to transform my use of media into self-portraits incorporating everyday scenes, continuing with the construction of scenes in which I act (Hola y chao) and finding the traces that identify my personality linked with the urban scene: this will finally culminate with the development of a project that consists of three parts and finishes in public action. This entire project is supported by many songs from my own collection, which direct my steps to develop them into artworks. Contact: Roger Atasi, Jr. Pacífico 470-474, Urb. San Felipe, Lima 7, Perú. E-mail: <>. [End Page 358]



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