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The Southern Literary Journal 38.2 (2006) 153-169

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The Southern Literary JournalIndex:

Volumes XXXIV–XXXVIII (2001–2006)

A cumulative index for Volumes XXXIX–XLIII will appear in the spring issue of 2011.


Volume, Issue, Page
Agrarian Nightmare: Harry Crews' Dark Vision in Naked in Garden Hills (Jeff Abernathy) XXXIV 1 68
Allen Tate and the Metaphysics of Metaphor (Anthony Lombardy) XXXVII 2 62
The Awakening and A Lost Lady: Flying with Broken Wings and Raked Feathers (A. Elizabeth Elz) XXXV 2 13
"A Bird Alive in a Snake's Body": The New Woman of Evelyn Scott's The Narrow House (Pat Tyrer) XXXVIII 1 43
The Birth of Tragedy and The Awakening: Influences and Intertextualities (Patricia L. Bradley) XXXVII 2 40
Black Names in White Space: Lucille Clifton's South (Hilary Holladay) XXXIV 2 120
Boy with Loaded Gun: The Confessions of Lewis Nordan (Gregory L. Morris) XXXVI 2 59
Burning Mrs. Southworth: True Womanhood and the Intertext of Ellen Glasgow's Virginia (Paul Christian Jones) XXXVII 1 25
The Changing Landscape of Violence in Cormac McCarthy's Early Novels and the Border Trilogy (Vince Brewton) XXXVII 1 121 [End Page 153]
The Comings of Cousin Ann: Deconstructing the Southern Romance (Carol S. Manning) XXXV 2 28
Command Performances: Black Storytellers in Stuart's "Blink" and Chesnutt's "The Dumb Witness" (Peter Schmidt) XXXV 1 70
Competence, Power, and the Nostalgic Romance of Piloting in Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi (Brian McCammack) XXXVIII 2 1
"The Conflict is Behind Me Now": Shelby Foote Writes the Civil War (Douglas Mitchell) XXXVI 1 21
Crowd and Self: William Faulkner's Sources of Agency in The Sound and the Fury (Jeffrey J. Folks) XXXIV 2 30
The Dangerous Poems of Dave Smith (Mark Johnson) XXXVIII 1 91
"The Difference of Race": Antebellum Race Mythology and the Development of Southern Nationalism (Ritchie Watson) XXXV 1 1
Disinterring Daddy: Family Linen's Reply to As I Lay Dying (Terrell L. Tebbetts) XXXVIII 2 97
Dostoevsky and the Literature of the American South (Maria Bloshteyn) XXXVII 1 1
Edgar Allan Poe and Elias Canetti: Illuminating the Sources of Terror (Jeffrey J. Folks) XXXVII 2 1
The Emergence of Mark Twain's Missouri: Regional Theory and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Robert Jackson) XXXV 1 47
The Escape of the "Sea": Ideology and The Awakening (Jennifer M. Bonck) XXXVII 1 53
The Erotic Economy of Ellen Glasgow's Barren Ground: How Success Almost Spoiled Dorinda Oakley (Dianne Bunch) XXXIV 1 14
Eudora Welty's Personal Epic: Autobiography, Art, and Classical Myth (Joseph Millichap) XXXVIII 1 76
Expanding Southern Whiteness: Reconceptualizing Ethnic Difference in the Short Fiction of Carson McCullers (Cynthia Wu) XXXIV 1 44
Experiments in Realism: Doubling in Simms's The Cassique of Kiawah (Kevin Collins) XXXIV 2 1
Faulkner's "Fabulous Immeasurable Camelots": Absalom, Absalom! and Le Morte D'Arthur (Taylor Hagood) XXXIV 2 45
A Freudian Reading of Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Geneva Cobb Moore) XXXVIII 1 3
George Washington Cable and Bonaventure: A New Orleans Author's Literary Sojourn into Acadiana (Paul Haspel) XXXV 1 108 [End Page 154]
Her Refusal to be Recast(e): Annie Burton's Narrative of Resistance (Yolanda Pierce) XXXVI 2 1
"Honey, Yer Ain't Harf as Smart as Yer Thinks Yer Is!": Race and Humor in Sherwood Bonner's Short Fiction (Kathryn B. McKee) XXXV 1 28
Hot Bodies and "Barbaric Tropics": The U.S. South and New World Natures (Jon Smith) XXXVI 1 104
Humor's Role in Imagining America: Ebenezer Cook's The Sot-Weed Factor (Sarah Ford) XXXV 2 1
Hurston and Welty, Janie and Livvie (Carol S. Manning) XXXIV 2 64
"I Contain Multitudes": Randall Kenan's Walking on Water as Collective Autobiography (George Hovis) XXXVI 2 100
"I Keep Looking Back to See Where I've Been": Bobbie Ann Mason's Clear Springs and Henry David Thoreau's Walden (Laurie Champion) XXXVI 2 47
Interested Parties and Theorems to Prove: Narrative and Identity in Faulkner's Snopes Trilogy (Owen Robinson) XXXVI 1 58
Intruder in the Past...


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