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Notes 62.4 (2006) 926-939

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Necrology Index

This column is an extract from the necrology file of the Gaylord Music Library, Washington University, available online at It comprises those names that are listed in the dictionaries and encylopedias following the double bar (||); note that a few individuals appear in those works under a variant name, or under a group name. Variant information is given following the initial report of death without any attempt to resolve the conflict. Obituary notices are listed chronologically within each element of the entry.

I would like thank my colleagues at Gaylord Music Library, Brad Short and Emily Heslop, who kept me supplied with a steady stream of obituaries. Thanks also to my wife, Rosemary Hahn, for more obituaries, and for proofreading.

Corrections or contributions to the Necrology may be addressed to the editor: Paul Hahn, Gaylord Music Library, Washington University, Campus Box 1061, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, or by email:

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Cited

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EPM3 The Encyclopedia of Popular Music (3d ed., 1998)
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GroveAmer The New Grove Dictionary of American Music (1986)
GroveJazz The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2d ed., 2002)
GroveOpera The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (1992)
GroveWomen The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers (1994)
IWWM-Cla International Who's Who in Classical Music (21st ed., 2005)
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2005 Necrology

Adkins, Hasil, rockabilly musician, d. 4/26/2005 in Charleston, WV at 67; b. in Boone County, WV., 4/29/ 2005. d. near Madison, WV at 68. New York Times On the Web, 4/30/2005. d. 4/25/ 2005. Rolling Stone, no. 974, 5/19/2005. || EPM3

Aitken, Laurel, "Godfather of Ska", d. 7/17/2005 in England at 78; b. Oliver Stephens 4/22/1927 in Cuba. Beat, v. 24 no. 5, 2005. || EPM3

Albanese, Francesco, Italian tenor, d. 6/ 11/2005 in Rome; b. 8/13/1912 in Naples. Opera News, v. 70 no. 5, November 2005. b. at Torre del Greco, Naples. Opera, v. 56 no. 11, November 2005. || GroveOpera

Allen, Ricky, blues/soul singer, d. 5/29/ 2005 at 69. Sing Out!, v. 49 no. 3, Fall 2005. || EPM3

Aprahamian, Felix, English critic, d. 1/15/2005. Martin Anderson on AMS-L, 1/15/2005. d. in London; b. 6/5/1914 in London. Organ, v. 84, no. 331, February– May 2005; Diapason, v. 96 no. 3, March 2005; Musical Times, v. 146, no. 1890, Spring 2005. also organ specialist. Gramophone, v. 82, no. 991, April 2005. b. 6/1/ 1914. American Organist, v. 39 no. 5, May 2005. || Grove

Arvanitas, George, jazz pianist, d. ca. 9/24/2005 in France at 74. Cadence, v. 31 no. 11, November 2005. || GroveJazz

Bailey, Benny, jazz trumpeter, d. 4/14/ 2005 in Amsterdam at 79; b. Ernest Harold Bailey 8/13/1925 in Cleveland. New York Times On the Web, 5/9/2005; Cadence, v. 31 no. 6, June 2005; Jazz Journal International, v. 58 no. 7, July 2005. || EPM3, GroveJazz [End Page 926]

Baker, Robert, organist and choirmaster, d. 1/24/2005 in Hamden, CT at 88; b. 1916 in Pontiac, IL. Diapason, v. 96 no. 3, March 2005. Robert Stevens Baker. American Organist, v. 39 no. 4, April 2005. || GroveAmer

Baldry, "Long" John, British blues singer, d. 7/21/2005 in Vancouver, BC at 64., 7/22/2005;, 7/23/2005;, 7/25/2005; New York Times On the Web, 7/25/2005; Rolling Stone, no. 981, 8/25/2005. b. in East Maddon, England., 7/24/2005. d. 7/22/2005. Cadence, v. 31 no. 9, September 2005. || EPM3, IWWM-Pop

Barron, Blue, big-band leader, d. 7/16/ 2005 in Baltimore, MD at 91; b. Harry Freidman 11/19/1913 in Cleveland, OH. New York Times On the Web, 7/23/2005. b...


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