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Color Plate A

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Kai-hung Fung, The Cage, 2005. A three-dimensional computed tomography image of a rib cage, demonstrating the "rainbow technique." The setting is optimized for bone. The "Venetian blind effect" allows the bone marrow inside the ribs to be seen. The costal cartilages (in blue), which have a CT density value outside the optimal range for the "rainbow effect," are represented in conventional rendering.

Color Plate B

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No. 1. Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Andrew McClain, Shawn Greenlee, Robert Coover, Josh Carroll, and Sascha Becker, Screen, 2003. Words collapsing in Screen.

Photo © Josh Carroll

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No. 2. Sonya Rapoport, Kiva-Studio, detail of 7 panels and introduction, each panel 110 × 14⅞ in, 1978. The piece explores parallels between the Kiva, an American Indian ceremonial hut, and Rapoport's own studio.

© Sonya Rapoport. Photo by Sonia Fereres.

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Color Plate C

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Daniela Bertol, Sunrise Trellis. (a, large image at left) Framing the sunrise during the 2003 fall equinox. (b, four images at right) Changes of light and shadow patterns. All photos were taken during the 2003 fall equinox: the upper-center photo was taken approximately 15 minutes before the sunrise; the photo at upper right was taken 15 minutes after the sunrise. The photo in the lower center was taken at noon and the image at bottom right about 15 minutes before sunset.

© Daniela Bertol

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Color Plate D

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An immersive protein roller-coaster game (top) under interactive control (bottom). See article by Yiyu Cai et al.

© Yiyu Cai

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