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Leonardo 34.1 (2001) 7

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The Leonardo Gallery

Carlos Ginzburg

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The Neuronal Network of Social Culture, mixed media, 1.2 X 1.2 m, 1997. Ginzburg's work is a commentary on the networked organizational forms of society and culture that proliferate at the start of a new millennium. The intersection of images reflects the intricate fractal relationship between cause and effect, i.e. the idea of the Butterfly Effect, wherein each event can be the cause of an unforeseen occurrence. Zooming into the image, we are able to detect the proliferation of details that invade the visual space, saturating it in a fractal manner. Whether viewed from close up or far away, this work of art appears to be self replicating. (© Carlos Ginzburg)
Homo Fractalus, mixed media, 1999. Homo Fractalus (Fractalman) is the iconic image created by Ginzburg as a representation of fractalist philosophies and artistic ideas. With this icon, Ginzburg presents the idea that the human being is the essential and ultimate fractal subject, reflecting the hermetic dynamics of the human body, society and mind. The image presents a symbolic formulation of Edgar Morin's tetralogy of complexity, wherein order and disorder result in the randomness that produces fractal self-organization. (© Carlos Ginzburg) (Carlos Ginzburg, 16, rue de la Division Leclerc, 92220 Bagneux, France)