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Susan Derges - The River Taw (Last Quarter Willow), The River Taw (New Moon, Ivy) - Leonardo 34:1 Leonardo 34.1 (2001) 8

The Leonardo Gallery

Susan Derges

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The River Taw (Last Quarter, Willow), photograph, 66 X 24 in, 1998. This image comes from Derges's Woman Thinking River series, in which Derges extends the idea of a darkroom into the ever-changing landscape of a running river. The rhythms of the patterns describe the fractal unity of the organic forms observed. (© Susan Derges) The River Taw (New Moon, Ivy), photograph, 66 X 24 in, 1998. In this work, one senses the interplay of chaotic elements and elements of control, the rejuvenation of a fractal spirit underlying the whirling vortices of water and cosmic forms. (© Susan Derges) (Susan Derges, The Cottage, South Tawton, Oakhampton, Devon, England EX20 2LP)

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