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Victorian Poetry 43.4 (2005) 1-3

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Volume 43, 2005 Index

249 Max Cavitch
Audience Terminable and Interminable: Anne Gilchrist, Walt Whitman, and the Achievement of Disinhibited Reading

1 Mary Ann Caws and Gerhard Joseph
Naming and Not Naming: Tennyson and Mallarmé

165 Michael Cohen
E. C. Stedman and the Invention of Victorian Poetry

19 James Finn Cotter
Hopkins and Cynewulf: "The Wreck of the Deutschland," "The Windhover," "The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breathe," and the Christ

109 Jill Ehnenn
Looking Strategically: Feminist and Queer Aesthetics in Michael Field's Sight and Song

277 John P. Farrell
"The Scholar-Gipsy" and the Continuous Life of Victorian Poetry

35 Jean Fernandez
Graven Images: The Woman Writer, the Indian Poetess, and Imperial Aesthetics in L.E.L.'s "Hindoo Temples and Palaces at Madura" (reprinted from Fall 2004)

435 Robert P. Fletcher
"Heir of All the Universe": Evolutionary Epistemology in Mathilde Blind's Birds of Passage: Songs of the Orient and Occident [End Page 1]

399 William Greenslade
Rosemarie Morgan, "Thomas Hardy": A Rejoinder

455 Marylu Hill
"Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me": Eucharist and the Erotic Body in Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

485 Michael D. Hurley
Darkening the Subject of Hopkins' Prosody

497 Hazel Hynd
A Sense of Place: Landscape and Location in the Poetry of John Davidson

157 Virginia Jackson
American Victorian Poetry: The Transatlantic Poetic

297 Patricia E. Johnson
Finding Her Voice(s): The Development of a Working-Class Feminist Vision in Ethel Carnie's Poetry

411 Christopher M. Keirstead
Stranded at the Border: Browning, France, and the Challenge of Cosmopolitanism in Red Cotton Night-Cap Country

223 John D. Kerkering
American Renaissance Poetry and the Topos of Positionality: Genius Mundi and Genius Loci in Walt Whitman and William Gilmore Simms

99 Walter Kokernot
"Where ignorant armies clash by night" and the Sikh Rebellion: A Contemporary Source for Matthew Arnold's Night-Battle Imagery

53 Kathryn Ledbetter
Protesting Success: Tennyson's "Indecent Exposure" in the Periodicals [End Page 2]

189 Mary Loeffelholz
Edmund Clarence Stedman's Black Atlantic

75 Britta Martens
"Hardly Shall I Tell My Joys and Sorrows": Robert Browning's Engagement with Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poetics

403 Rosemarie Morgan
Reply [To William Greenslade]

473 Jude V. Nixon
"Goldengrove unleaving": Hopkins' "Spring and Fall," Christina Rossetti's "Mirrors of Life and Death,"and the Politics of Inclusion

317 Stuart Peterfreund
Robert Browning's Decoding of Natural Theology in "Caliban Upon Setebos"

205 Eliza Richards
Outsourcing "The Raven": Retroactive Origins

Book Reviews (listed by reviewer)

263 David G. Riede
The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Vol. 4: The Chelsea Years 1868-1870: Prelude to Crisis

266 Rikky Rooksby
Uncollected Letters of Algernon Charles Swinburne, and Algernon Charles Swinburne, Major Poems and Selected Prose, reviewed by Rikky Rooksby

333 The Year's Work in Victorian Poetry



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