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Biography 28.4 (2005) 740-742

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Volume 28, 2005


Barbour, John D. "The Ethics of Intercultural Travel: Thomas Merton's Asian Pilgrimage and Orientalism." 28.1 (Winter): 15–26.

Barry, Chris. "Dialogues and Self-Constructions." 28.1 (Winter): 148–51.

Besemeres, Mary. "Anglos Abroad: Memoirs of Immersion in a Foreign Language." 28.1 (Winter): 27–43.

Davis, Rocío G. "Dialogic Selves: Discursive Strategies in Transcultural Collaborative Autobiographies by Rita and Jackie Huggins and Mark and Gail Mathabane." 28.2 (Spring): 276–94.

Demoor, Marysa. "From Epitaph to Obituary: The Death Politics of T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound." 28.2 (Spring): 255–75.

Dickinson, Peter. "Oscar Wilde: Reading the Life After the Life." 28.3 (Summer): 414–32.

Eakin, Paul John. "Living Autobiographically." 28.1 (Winter): 1–14.

Fan, Kit. "Imagined Places: Robinson Crusoe and Elizabeth Bishop." 28.1 (Winter): 43–53.

Freadman, Richard. "The Bonds of Civility Cut Asunder: Arnold Zable as a Post-Holocaust Life Writer." 28.1 (Winter): 117–29.

Holden, Philip. "Other Modernities: National Autobiography and Globalization." 28.1 (Winter): 89–103.

Jensen, Birgit A. "Bawdy Bodies or Moral Agency?: The Struggle for Identity in Working-Class Autobiographies of Imperial Germany." 28.4 (Fall): 534–57.

Jolly, Margaretta. "E-Mail in a Global Age: The Ethical Story of 'Women on the Net.'" 28.1 (Winter): 152–65.

King, Ambrose. "Opening Remarks of Welcome." 28.1 (Winter): xvi–xviii.

Kolk, Heidi. "Tropes of Suffering and Postures of Authority in Margaret Fuller's European Travel Letters." 28.3 (Summer): 377–413.

Lau, Kinwai. "My Farda an I." 28.1 (Winter): 138–47.

Parker, David. "Inhabiting Multiple Worlds: Auto/Biography in an (Anti-)Global Age." 28.1 (Winter): v–xv.

Perkins, Maureen. "Thoroughly Modern Mulatta: Rethinking 'Old World' Stereotypes in a 'New World' Setting." 28.1 (Winter): 104–116.

Poletti, Anna. "Self-Publishing in the Global and Local: Situating Life Writing in Zines." 28.1 (Winter): 183–92.

Prosser, Jay. "Sim Koh-Wei, My Jewish Grandmother." 28.1 (Winter): 130–37.

Rak, Julie. "The Digital Queer: Weblogs and Internet Identity." 28.1 (Winter): 166–82.

Stelzig, Eugene. "A Cultural Tourist in Romantic Germany: Henry Crabb Robinson as Nineteenth-Century Life Writer." 28.4 (Fall): 515–33. [End Page 740]

Tridgell, Susan. "From the Land of Green Ghosts: Commodifying Culture, Downplaying Politics." 28.1 (Winter): 77–88.

Whitlock, Gillian. "The Skin of the Burqa: Recent Life Narratives from Afghanistan." 28.1 (Winter): 54–76.


Barbour, John D. The Value of Solitude: The Ethics and Spirituality of Aloneness in Autobiography. Reviewed by Nicholas Paige. 28.4 (Fall): 631–33.

Brophy, Sarah. Witnessing AIDS: Writing, Testimony, and the Work of Mourning,. Reviewed by G. Thomas Couser. 28.2 (Spring): 295–97.

Codell, Julie F. The Victorian Artist: Artists' Lifewritings in Britain, ca. 1870–1910. Reviewed by David Amigoni. 28.2 (Spring): 305–308.

Demoor, Marysa, ed. Marketing the Author: Authorial Personae, Narrative Selves and Self-Fashioning, 1880–1930. Reviewed by Michelle Tusan. 28.4 (Fall): 638–40.

Ellis, Carolyn. The Ethnographic I: A Methodological Novel About Autoethnography. Reviewed by Jeraldine R.Kraver. 28.2 (Spring): 316–19.

Frisch, Andrea. The Invention of the Eyewitness: Writing and Testimony in Early Modern France. Reviewed by Duane A. Rudolph. 28.2 (Spring): 297–99.

Gammel, Irene, ed. The Intimate Life of L. M. Montgomery. Reviewed by K. L. Poe. 28.4 (Fall): 640–43.

Gilsdorf, Sean, ed. and trans. Queenship and Sanctity: The Lives of Mathilda and the Epigraph of Adelheid. Reviewed by Valerie L. Garver. 28.2 (Spring): 300–302.

Groebbel, Michaela M. Enacting Past and Present: The Memory Theatres of Djuna Barnes, Ingeborg Bachmann, and Marguerite Duras. Reviewed by Karen Kaivola. 28.2 (Spring): 311–14.

Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf's Nose. Reviewed by Linda Simon. 28.2 (Spring): 309–311.

Mason, Mary Grimley. Working Against Odds: Stories of Disabled Women's WorkLives. Reviewed by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre. 28.3 (Summer): 447–51.

Oakdale, Suzanne. "I Foresee My Life": The Ritual Performance of Autobiography in an Amazonian Community. Reviewed by Jonathan D. Hill. 28.3 (Summer): 441–44.

Pierce, Yolanda. Hell Without Fires: Slavery, Christianity, and the...


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