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Libraries & Culture 40.4 (2005) 584-622

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Index to Volume 40

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Note: Subjects from book reviews are designated with an "r" following page numbers. Locators in italics indicate illustrations.


Academic libraries
electronic reserves, 40(2):202–203r
management and storage of digital information, 40(4):580–581r
in Nevada, 1860s–2005, 40(1):103–104r
in Romania, 40(3):438–439

Accession books, 40(3):369–370

Acquisition guides
used for collection development in the rural Midwest, 1893–1956, 40(3):368, 40(3):372–373, 40(3):379–380

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain), 40(3):370, 40(3):372–373, 40(3):379, 40(3):380–381

library development, 40(2):147

Afghanistan Digital Library, 40(2):147

African American literature
bibliographies of, 40(1):27–28, 40(1):29
Murray Collection, Library of Congress, 40(1):34–35
pamphlets, 40(1):27, 40(1):34
during the 19th century, 40(1):27

African American studies
afrocentric paradigm, 40(1):26, 40(1):35
encyclopedias on, 40(1):34

African Americans. See also Encyclopedia of the Colored Race (Murray) and Segregation
education for, in Oberlin, Ohio, 1880–1914, 40(2):149–154
education for, in Southern U.S., late–19th century, 40(3):336–337
history, 1860s–1920s, 40(1):25–26, 40(2):149–150
library services for, in Oklahoma, 1930s–1940s, 40(3):353–365
library services for, in Southern U.S., 40(3):324–346, 40(3):332, 40(3):335, 40(3):340, 40(3):342
mixed ethnic heritage, 40(1):28, 40(1):30
at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, 1880–1914, 40(2):151–153

Africana (Appiah & Gates), 40(1):34 [End Page 584]

civil rights movement in, 40(2):154
segregation in public libraries, 1900–1965, 40(2):153

Alva Belmont Feminist Library, Washington, D.C., 40(1):53–54

America, colonial period
early history, 40(4):570–572r
first public libraries, 40(4):495–496
republicanism, New York, 18th century, 40(4):498–499

American Bibliography (Shaw & Shoemaker)
compared to Bibliography of American Imprints, 40(3):242–245
coverage, 40(3):240, 40(3):242–245

"American Bookwomen in Paris during the 1920s" (Maack), 40(3):399–415

American bookwomen's legacy, 40(3):410–413
board of trustees, 40(3):401–402
establishment, 40(3):399–401
French government subsidy, 40(3):410
staff, 40(3):401–407

American Library Association (ALA)
1899 Conference, Atlanta, 40(3):334, 40(3):336
1923 Conference, Hot Springs, 40(3):327
1936 Conference, Richmond, 40(3):326
Fellowship of Christian Librarians and Information Specialists, Donald G. Davis's involvement, 40(3):210
Library History Round Table (LHRT), Donald G. Davis's involvement, 40(3):207, 40(3):460–461
Library History Round Table (LHRT), Statement on History in Education for Library and Information Science, 40(3):223–229
Library History Round Table (LHRT) as outlet for communicating library history research, 40(3):235–236
Library War Service in Europe, 40(3):400–401

American Library in Paris, 1920s

American Sunday School Union (ASSU)
in Tippecanoe County, Ind. as promoter of literacy, 40(3):287

Ancient Greece
women writers in, 40(4):569–570r

Ancient Rome
women writers in, 40(4):569–570r

Anghelescu, Hermina G.B.
"European Integration: Are Romanian Libraries Ready?", 40(3):435–454
"Introduction: Donald G. Davis, Jr.: A Gentleman and a Scholar," 40(3):207–212

Appiah, Kwame
Africana, 40(1):34

destruction during wars, 40(2):128–130
Iraq's National Archives destruction, 2nd Gulf War, 40(2):140
Naples State Archives destruction, World War II, 40(2):133–134

Archives of Angevine, Naples. See Naples State Archives

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
The Four Seasons, 40(2):116
interpretation of works by, 40(2):116–117
The Jurist, 40(2):117, 40(2):122–123
The Librarian, 40(2):115, 40(2):116, 40(2):117–119 [End Page 585]

Ardizzone, Edward
bibliography of works, 40(1):101–102r

"Assessing What We Wrote: A Review of the Libraries & Culture Literature Reviews, 1967–2002...


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