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Social Science History 29.4 (2005) 687-688

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Index to Volume 29

Number 1 (spring 2005) pp. 1–172
Number 2 (summer 2005) pp. 175–334
Number 3 (fall 2005) pp. 337–520
Number 4 (winter 2005) pp. 523–685

Special Sections

Race, Labor Markets, and Social Disorder in Twentieth-Century America    235–332

Social Policy and State Formation in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts    457–518

Presidential Address

The Historicality of Individuals (Andrew Abbott)     1


Adelman, Robert M. See Tolnay, White, Crowder, and Adelman.

Basson, Lauren L. Fit for Annexation but Unfit to Vote? Debating Hawaiian Suffrage Qualifications at the Turn of the Twentieth Century    575

Bauer, Rainer Lutz. Economic Differentiation and the Divided Responses of Spanish Galician Farmers to Reforestation of the Commons under Franco     175

Boritch, Helen. The Criminal Class Revisited: Recidivism and Punishment in Ontario, 1871–1920     137

Chandra, Siddharth, and Angela Williams Foster. The "Revolution of Rising Expectations," Relative Deprivation, and the Urban Social Disorders of the 1960s: Evidence from State-Level Data     299

Collins, Christina. See Stanger-Ross, Collins, and Stern

Collins, William J. Race, Labor Markets, and Social Disorder in Twentieth-Century America: An Introduction     235

Crowder, Kyle D. See Tolnay, White, Crowder, and Adelman.

Desai, Manali. Indirect British Rule, State Formation, and Welfarism in Kerala, India, 1860–1957     457 [End Page 687]

Ehrick, Christine. To Serve the Nation: Juvenile Mothers, Paternalism, and State Formation in Uruguay, 1910–1930     489

Foster, Angela Williams. See Chandra and Foster.

Goldberg, Chad Alan. Contesting the Status of Relief Workers during the New Deal: The Workers Alliance of America and the Works Progress Administation, 1935–1941     337

Grove, Wayne A. See Heinicke and Grove.

Haan, Michael D. Studying the Impact of Religion on Fertility in Nineteenth-Century Canada: The Use of Direct Measures and Proxy Variables     373

Heinicke, Craig, and Wayne A. Grove. Labor Markets, Regional Diversity, and Cotton Harvest Mechanization in the Post–World War II United States    269

Hellwig, Timothy T. The Origins of Unemployment Insurance in Britain: A Cross-Class Alliance Approach     107

Hillier, Amy E. Residential Security Maps and Neighborhood Appraisals: The Home Owners' Loan Corporation and the Case of Philadelphia     207

Humphries, Jane. See McNay, Humphries, and Klasen.

Johnson, Bertram. Associated Municipalities: Collective Action and the Formation of State Leagues of Cities     549

Klasen, Stephan. See McNay, Humphries, and Klasen.

Kleinberg, S. J. Children's and Mothers' Wage Labor in Three Eastern U.S. Cities, 1880–1920     45

Kok, Jan, Kees Mandemakers, and Henk Wals. City Nomads: Changing Residence as a Coping Strategy, Amsterdam, 1890–1940     15

Lee, Chulhee. Labor Market Status of Older Males in the United States, 1880–1940    77

Maloney, Thomas N. Ghettos and Jobs in History: Neighborhood Effects on African American Occupational Status and Mobility in World War I–Era Cincinnati     241

Mandemakers, Kees. See Kok, Mandemakers, and Wals.

McNay, Kirsty, Jane Humphries, and Stephan Klasen. Excess Female Mortality in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales: A Regional Analysis     649

Menard, Russell R. See Ryden and Menard.

Ryden, David B., and Russell R. Menard. South Carolina's Colonial Land Market: An Analysis of Rural Property Sales, 1720–1775     599

Stanger-Ross, Jordan, Christina Collins, and Mark J. Stern. Falling Far from the Tree: Transitions to Adulthood and the Social History of Twentieth-Century America     625

Stern, Mark J. See Stanger-Ross, Collins, and Stern.

Tolnay, Stewart E., Katherine J. Curtis White, Kyle D. Crowder, and Robert M. Adelman. Distances Traveled during the Great Migration: An Analysis of Racial Differences among Male Migrants     523

Wals, Henk. See Kok, Mandemakers, and Wals.

White, Katherine J. Curtis. Women in the Great Migration: Economic Activity of Black and White Southern-Born Female Migrants in 1920, 1940, and 1970.     413

Also see Tolnay, White, Crowder, and Adelman.



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