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Ethics & the Environment 10.2 (2005) 221

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Index to Volume 10


Animal Ethics and Interest Conflicts
Elisa Aaltola   10(1):19–48

On the Backs of Animals: The Valorization of Reason in Contemporary Animal Ethics
Cathryn Bailey   10(1):1–17

Thinking with Heidegger: Rethinking Environmental Theory and Practice
Kevin Michael DeLuca   10(1):67–89

All about Eve: A Report on Environmental Virtue Ethics Today
Robert Hull   10(1):89–110

Is It Natural to Drive Species to Extinction?
Mark A. Michael   10(1):49–66


Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy

Measure for Measure: The Reliance of Human Knowledge on the Things of the World
Tim Adamson   10(2):175–194

Truth, Knowledge and the Wild World
Jim Cheney   10(2):101–135

Gynocentric Eco-Logics
Trish Glazebrook   10(2):75–99

James J. Gibson's Ecological Approach:Perceiving What Exists
William M. Mace   10(2):195–216

World Alienation in Feminist Thought: The Sublime Epistemology of Emphatic Anti-Essentialism
Bonnie Mann   10(2):45–74

Asian Eels and Global Warming:A Posthumanist Perspective on Society and the Environment
Andrew Pickering   10(2):29–43

Christopher J. Preston   10(2):1–4

F/actual Knowing: Putting Facts and Values in Place
Holmes Rolston III   10(2):137–174

Environmental Epistemology
Mark Rowlands   10(2):5–27



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