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Ethics & the Environment 10.2 (2005) 217-218

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Notes on Contributors

Tim Adamson in Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Iowa Wesleyan College and Adjunct Professor of Religion at the University of Iowa. He is author of several articles dealing with the role of embodiment and metaphor in human cognition, the links between phenomenology and cognitive science, and Kants notion of Reflective Judgment as a model for contemporary approaches to cognition. E-mail:
Jim Cheney (aka Shagbark Hickory) is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin- Waukesha, and currently visiting flora with Zenlite. He has been a Rockefeller Foundation Visiting Humanities Fellow with the Native Philosophy Project at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and the inaugural Visiting Scholar of Ecophilosophy and Earth Education at Murdoch University in Western Australia. E-mail:
Trish Glazebrook is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Her research interests are in environmental philosophy, philosophy of science and technology, feminism, and Heidegger. Her recent book, Eco-Logic: Erotics of Nature, is in progress. E-mail:
William M. Mace is Chair and Professor of Psychology at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is a founding director of the International Society for Ecological Psychology (ISEP), performs the executive functions of the Society, and is editor of the journal, Ecological Psychology. He has held visiting positions at Cornell University and the University of Texas at Austin, and has a continuing affiliation with the Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action (CESPA) at the University of Connecticut. E-mail:
Bonnie Mann is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Before returning to academia full-time she spent many years working in anti-domestic violence organizations, homeless shelters, and with a number of feminist activist groups. E-mail:
Andrew Pickering is Professor of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of Construction Quarks and The Mangle of Practice, and is the editor of Science as Practice and Culture. He is currently completing a book on the history of cybernetics in Britain. E-mail:
Christopher J. Preston is an environmental philosopher with expertise in philosophy of science and feminist epistemology. He has worked for the National Park Service and has been involved with issues concerning commercial fishing and oil-spill response in Alaska. He is the author of Grounding Knowledge: Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, and Place (2003). Currently he is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana. E-mail:
Holmes Rolston III is University Distinguished Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Colorado State University. He was Templeton Prize Laureate in 2003. Advocating environmental ethics, he has lectured on seven continents. He is featured in Joy A. Palmer, ed., Fifty Key Thinkers on the Environment. E-mail:
Mark Rowlands is Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, and has written a number of academic books and articles on philosophy and ethics. Currently he is writing for the general reader on philosophy and popular culture. He has had numerous media appearances. Two recent publications are The Philosopher at the End of the Universe (2003) and Everything I Know I Learned from TV (2004). E-mail:



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