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Latin American Research Review 40.3 (2005) 469-472

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Volume 40 2005

Articles Number: Pages
Alemán, Eduardo and George Tsebelis. "The Origins of Presidential Conditional Agenda Setting Power in Latin America" 2:3-26
Arps, Shahna. (see McSweeney and Arps)
Boas, Taylor C. "Television and Neopopulism in Latin America: Media Effects in Brazil and Peru" 2:27-49
Child, Jack. " The Politics and Semiotics of the Smallest Icons of Popular Culture: Latin American Postage Stamps" 1:108-137
Frankel, Laura B. (see McGuire and Frankel)
Hiskey, Jonathan. "The Political Economy of Subnational Economic Recovery in Mexico" 1:30-55
Hite, Amy Bellone and Jocelyn S. Viterna. "Gendering Class in Latin America: How Women Effect and Experience Change in the Class Structure" 2:50-82
Hooker, Juliet. "'Beloved Enemies': Race and Nationalism in Nicaragua" 3:14-39
Malamud, Andrés. "Presidential Diplomacy and the Institutional Underpinnings of MERCOSUR: An Empirical Examination" 1:138-164
McConnell, Eileen Diaz. (see VanWey et al.)
McGuire, James W. and Laura B. Frankel. "Mortality Decline in Cuba, 1900–1959: Patterns, Comparisons, and Causes" 2:83-116
McSweeney, Kendra and Shahna Arps. "A 'Demo-graphic Turnaround': The Rapid Growth of Indigenous Populations in Lowland Latin America" 1:3-29
Peña, Karen. "Violence and Difference in Gabriela Mistral's Short Stories" 3:68-67
Sawers, Larry. "Nontraditional or New Traditional Exports: Ecuador's Flower Boom" 3:40-67
Siavelis, Peter. "Electoral System, Coalitional Disintegration, and the Future of Chile's Concertación" 1:56-82 [End Page 469]
Tsebelis, George (see Aleman and Tsebelis)
Tucker, Catherine M. (see VanWey et al.)
VanWey, Leah K., Catherine M. Tucker, and Eileen Diaz McConnell. "Community Organization, Migration, and Remittances in Oaxaca" 1:83-107
Viterna, Jocelyn S. (see Hite and Viterna)
Research Reports and Notes
Brown, Jonathan C. "Introduction, From Structuralism to the New Institutional Economics: A Half-Century of Latin American Economic Historiography" 1:83-107
Coatsworth, John H. "Structures, Endowments, and Institutions in the Economic History of Latin America" 3:126-144
Kuntz Ficker, Sandra. "From Structuralism to New Institutional Economics: The Impact of Theory on the Study of Foreign Trade in Latin America" 3:145-162
Love, Joseph. "The Rise and Decline of Economic Structuralism in Latin America: New Dimensions" 3:100-125
Núñez, Javier. "Signed with an X: Methodology and Data Sources for Analyzing the Evolution of Literacy in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1900–1950." 2:117-135
Shaw, Caroline. "Rothschilds and Brazil: An Introduction to Sources in the Rothschild Archive" 1"165-185
Review Essays
Anderson, Leslie E. "Idealism, Impatience, and Pessimism: Recent Studies of Democratization in Latin America" 3:390-402
Appelbaum, Nancy P. "Post-Revisionist Scholarship on Race" 3:206-217
Beyersdorff, Margot. "Writing without Words/Words without Writing: The Culture of the Khipu" 3:294-311
Birn, Anne-Emanuelle. "Healers, Healing, and Child Well-being: Ideologies, Institutions, and Health in Latin America and the Caribbean" 2:176-192
Booth, John A. "Through Revolution and Beyond: Mobilization, Demobilization and Adjustment in Central America" 1:202-206
Carey, David Jr. "Shades of Peace and Democracy: Social Discontent and Reconciliation in Central America" 1:251-267 [End Page 470]
Chesnut, R. Andrew. "Witches, Wailers, and Welfare: The Religious Economy of Funerary Culture and Witchcraft in Latin America" 3:266-272
Collier, Jane F. "Juggling Gender Stereotypes: Justifications and their Consequences" 3:218-229
Duany, Jorge. "The Rough Edges of Puerto Rican Identities: Race, Gender, And Transnationalism 3:177-190
Field, Les W. "Beyond Identity? Analytic Cross-currents in Contemporary Mayanist Social Science." 3:283-293
Foster, David W. "Recent Chicana/o Cultural Criticism" 2:166-175
Gilderhus, Mark T. "Forming an Informal Empire Without Colonies: U.S.-Latin American Relations." 3:312-325
Gindling, Tim H. "Poverty in Latin America." 1:207-222
Green, W. John. "Guerrillas, Soldiers, Paramilitaries, Assassins, Narcos, and Gringos: The Unhappy Prospects for Peace and Democracy in Colombia." 2:137-149
Hedeen, Katherine M. "Decolonizing Culture: Visual Arts, Development Narratives and Performance in the Americas" 3:244-253
Higginbotham, Virginia. "Fast Frames: Insights into Mexican, Latin American, and Brazilian Cinema" 3:273...


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