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The Henry James Review 26.3 (2005) 311-312

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Index to Volume 26


Bartel, Kim. Unmoored from "the Shore of the Real": Henry James, Roderick Hudson, and the Advent of the Modern in Nineteenth-Century Painting. 168–88.

Chilton, Neil. Conceptions of a Beautiful Crisis: Henry James's Reading of The Tempest. 218–28.

Claggett, Shalyn. Narcissism and the Conditions of Self-knowledge in James's "The Jolly Corner." 189–200.

Coulson, Victoria. Teacups and Love Letters: Constance Fenimore Woolson and Henry James. 82–98.

Flannery, Denis. The Appalling Mrs. Luna: Sibling Love, Queer Attachment, and Henry James's The Bostonians. 1–19.

Flannery, Denis. The Powers of Apostrophe and the Boundaries of Mourning: Henry James, Alan Hollinghurst, and Toby Litt. 293–305.

Hadley, Tessa. Seated alone with a book. . . . 229–36.

Horne, Philip. Henry James among the Poets. 68–81.

Hutchison, Hazel. James's Spectacles: Distorted Vision in The Ambassadors. 39–51.

Griffin, Susan M. Introduction to Reading James Forum. 207–09.

Kurnick, David. "Horrible Impossible": Henry James's Awkward Stage. 109–29.

Lawrence, Kathleen. Osmond's Complaint: Gilbert Osmond's Mother and the Cultural Context of James's The Portrait of a Lady. 52–67. [End Page 311]

Mitchell, Lee Clark. "To suffer like chopped limbs": The Dispossessions of The Spoils of Poynton. 20–38.

Rivkin, Julie. Writing the Gay '80s with Henry James: David Leavitt's A Place I've Never Been and Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty. 282–92.

Ross, Melanie H. "The Mirror with a Memory": Tracking Consciousness in the Preface to The Golden Bowl. 246–55.

Ryan, Susan M. The Bostonians and the Civil War. 265–72.

Sanner, Kristin. "Wasn't all history full of the destruction of precious things?": Missing Mothers, Feminized Fathers and the Purchase of Freedom in Henry James's The Portrait of a Lady. 147–67.

Schor, Hilary M. Reading Knowledge: Curiosity in The Golden Bowl. 237–45.

Tucker, Herbert F. James's Browning Inside Out. 210–17.

Wernsman, Marijane R. Davis. The Figure in the Carpet of "Honeysuckle Cottage": P. G. Wodehouse and Henry James. 99–104.

Wonham, Henry B. Amerigo's Miraculous Metamorphosis: or, the Logic of Ethnic Caricature in The Golden Bowl. 130–46.

Wood, Michael. The Museum of What Happens. 256–64.

Zacharias, Greg. Henry James Cartoons. 273–81.

Book Reviews

Griffin, Susan M. Review of Elizabeth Anne McCauley, Alan Chong, Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, and Richard Lingner, Gondola Days: Isabella Stewart Gardner and the Palazzo Barbaro Circle. 306–08.

Haralson, Eric. Review of Leland S. Person, Henry James and the Suspense of Masculinity. 201–04.

Izzo, Donatella. Review of Carlo Martinez, L'arte della critica. Ideologia estetica e forma narrativa nelle Prefazioni di Henry James. 204–06.

Warren, Jonathan. Review of Eric Haralson, Henry James and Queer Modernity. 105–07.



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