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Research in African Literatures 36.4 (2005) 243-246

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Index to Volume 36


Amoko, Apollo O.—"The Resemblance of Colonial Mimicry: A Revisionary Reading of Ngugi wa Thiong'o's The River Between," 36.1: 34–50.

Asaah, Augustine H.—"Veneration and Desecration in Calixthe Beyala's La petite fille du réverbère," 36.4: 155–71.

Cazenave, Odile—"Writing the Child, Youth, and Violence into the Francophone Novel from Sub-Saharan Africa: The Impact of Age and Gender," 36.2: 59–71.

Christensen, Matthew J.—"Cannibals in the Postcolony: Sierra Leone's Intersecting Hegemonies in Charlie Haffner's Slave Revolt Drama Amistad Kata-Kata," 36.1: 1–19.

Cooper, Pamela—"Metamorphosis and Sexuality: Reading the Strange Passions of Disgrace," 36.4: 22–39.

Diala, Isidore—"Ritual and Mythological Recuperation in the Drama of Esiaba Irobi," 36.4: 87–114.

Edwards, Brent Hayes—"Aimé Césaire and the Syntax of Influence," 36.2: 1–18.

Esonwanne, Uzoma—"Critique and Extension: Said and Freud," 36.3: 98–111.

Finburgh, Clare—"Kateb Yacine's Tragedy of Optimism: Le cadavre encerclé and Les ancêtres redoublent de férocité," 36.4: 115–34.

Githire, Njeri—"Horizons Adrift: Women in Exile, at Home, and Abroad in Gisèle Pineau's Works," 36.1: 74–90.

Graebner, Seth—"Remembering 17 October 1961 and the Novels of Rachid Boudjedra," 36.4: 172–97.

Harrow, Kenneth W., and Richard K. Priebe—"Introductory Comments" (cluster on "Political Violence"), 36.2: 33.

Harrow, Kenneth W.—"'Ancient Trival Warfare': Foundational Fantasies of Ethnicity and History," 36.2: 34–45.

Higginson, Francis—"The Well-Tempered Savage: Albert Schweitzer, Music, and Imperial Deafness," 36.4: 205–22.

Hodges, Hugh—"Start-Over: Possession Rites and Healing Rituals in the Poetry of Lorna Goodison," 36.2: 19–32.

Huggan, Graham—"(Not) Reading Orientalism," 36.3: 124–36.

Khamis, Said A. M.—"Signs of New Features in the Swahili Novel," 36.1: 91–108.

Korang, Kwaku Larbi—"A Man for All Seasons and Climes? Reading Edward Said from and for Our African Place," 36.3: 23–52.

Lazarus, Neil—"Representations of the Intellectual in Representations of the Intellectual," 36.3: 112–23.

Lecomte, Nelly—"Commerce and Magic," 36.4: 198–204

Maalu-Bungi—"Mukàndà, a New Form of Oral Poetry," 36.4: 55–86.

Mazrui, Ali A.—"The Re-invention of Africa: Edward Said, V. Y. Mudimbe, and Beyond," 36.3: 68–82.

McCabe, Douglas—"Higher Realities: New Age Spirituality in Ben Okri's The Faminished Road," 36.4: 1–21. [End Page 243]

Mortimer, Mildred—"Edward Said and Assia Djebar: A Contrapuntual Reading," 36.3: 53–67.

Perraudin, Pascale—"From a 'large morsel of meat' to 'passwords-in-flesh': Resistance through Representation of the Tortured Body in Labou Tansi's La vie et demie," 36.2: 72–84.

Priebe, Richard K.—"Literature, Community, and Violence: Reading African Literature in the West, Post-9/11," 36.2: 46–58.

Racevskis, Karlis—"Edward Said and Michel Foucault: Affinities and Dissonances," 36.3: 83–97.

Raji, Wumi—"Africanizing Antigone," 36.4: 135–54.

Richards, Constance—"Nationalism and the Development of Identity in Postcolonial Fiction: Zoë Wicomb and Michelle Cliff," 36.1: 20–33.

Segall, Kimberly W.—"Pursuing Ghosts: The Traumatic Sublime in J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace," 36.4: 40–54.

Tirop, Simatei—"Colonial Violence, Postcolonial Violations: Violence, Landscape, and Memory in Kenyan Fiction," 36.2: 85–94.

Wenzel, Jennifer—"Voices of Spectral and Textual Ancestors: Reading Tiyo Soga alongside H. I. E. Dhlomo's The Girl Who Killed to Save," 36.1: 51–73.

Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe—"The Politics and Poetics of Exile: Edward Said in Africa," 36.3: 1–22.


Tissières, Hélène—"Dak-Art 2004: Biennial of Contemporary Art, 7 May–7 June, Dakar, Senegal," 36.1: 109–113.


Adéèkó, Adélékè—"Symptoms of the Present in Ato Quayson's Calibrations," 36.2: 104–12.

Esonwanne, Uzoma—"Calibrations: Literary Reference and the Ethics of Reading," 36.2: 112–21.

Olaniyan, Tejumola—"Introductory Comments: Ato Quayson's Calibrations: Reading for the Social...


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