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Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 48.4 (2005) Web Only Content

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Volume 48 Index


Science and Medicine

Evolutionary Neurobiology and Aesthetics          17
C. U. M. Smith

The Eye Does Not See What the Mind Does Not Know:The Bacterium in the Worm          31
Thiruchandurai V. Rajan

Pain and the Placebo: What We Have Learned          248
Ginger A. Hoffman, Anne Harrington, and Howard L. Fields

"Meaning-Making" in Language and Biology          317
Yair Neuman

Lessons for the Stem Cell Discourse from the Gene Therapy Experience          585
Theodore Friedmann

Ethics and Philosophy

Medicine and the Call for a Moral Epistemology          42
Alfred I. Tauber

Ethical Issues in Animal Cloning          328
Autumn Fiester

Meeting Threats to Global Health: A Call for American Leadership          344
Solomon R. Benatar and Renée C. Fox

History and Biography

Gonorrhea and the Beginnings of Clinical Research Ethics          54
Thomas G. Benedek

Ambiguous Bodies and Deviant Sexualities: Hermaphrodites, Homosexuality,and Surgery in the United States, 1850–1904          74
Christina Matta

The Remarkable Vision of Robert Hooke (1635–1703): First Observer ofthe Microbial World          266
Howard Gest

Was Darwin a Creationist?          362
Chris Cosans

Hugh Ross's Curious Lymphocyte Experiments          372
Caoimhghín S. Breathnach

The Emergence of Multiple Sclerosis, 1870–1950: A Puzzle of HistoricalEpidemiology          383
Colin L. Talley

The Bells Are Ringing: Tinnitus in Their Own Words          396
Leon Morgenstern

A Psychiatrist's Life and the Emerging of Her Creative Eye          408
Barbara Young

The Osler-Cushing Covenant          592
Thomas P. Duffy

Medical Education and Practice

Narrative Possibilities: Using Mindfulness in Clinical Practice          84
Julia E. Connelly

William James, Faith, and the Placebo Effect          273
Franklin G. Miller

When Medical Cure Is Not an Unmitigated Good          282
Kristina Orfali and Lisa Anderson-Shaw

Culture and Society

The Evolution of Euthanasia and Its Perceptions in Greek Cultureand Civilization          95
Kyriaki Mystakidou, Efi Parpa, Eleni Tsilika, Emmanuela Katsouda, and Lambros Vlahos

Deformity in the Boxing Boys          105
Susan Ferrence and Gordon Bendersky

Alternative Reality and Art: The Creative World of Walter Inglis Anderson          124
Paul Rodenhauser

Why Birdsong Is Sometimes Like Music          426
Luis F. Baptista and Robin A. Keister

Essay Reviews

Can We Learn from Our Patients?          138
Michael J. Blend

Military Medicine in the Spanish-American War          293
Alfred Jay Bollet

Pushing the Boundaries of Ecosystems          301
Oswald J. Schmitz

The Development of Penicillin: Genesis of a Famous Antibiotic          444
Ronald Bentley

The Hidden Costs of Environmentally Responsible Health Care          453
Paul Carrick

Response to Carrick          458
Jessica Pierce and Andrew Jameton

Red Sky at Morning          603
Theodore L. Steck

Book Reviews

Microcompetition with Foreign DNA and the Origin of Chronic Disease          143
by Hanan Polansky / reviewed by Kim E. Barrett

Volta: Science and Culture in the Age of the Enlightenment          146
by Giuliano Pancaldi / reviewed by George Basalla

The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer's Block, and the Creative Brain          148
by Alice W. Flaherty / reviewed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Learning from HIV and AIDS          150
edited by George Ellison, Melissa Parker, and Catherine Campbell / reviewed by David Pitrak

Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights and the New War on the Poor          153
by Paul Farmer / reviewed by Seth Holmes

Phantom Limb          156
by Janet Sternburg / reviewed by Audrey K. Gordon

The Human Cloning Debate, 4th ed.          307
edited by Glenn McGee and Arthur Caplan / reviewed by Mary B. Mahowald

Genes and Insurance: Ethical, Legal and Economic Issues          309
by Marcus Radetzki, Marian Radetzki, and Niklas Juth / reviewed by Ray Moseley

Useful Bodies: Humans in the Service of Medical Science in the TwentiethCentury          312
edited by Jordan Goodman, Anthony McElligott, and Lara Marks / reviewed by Lainie Friedman Ross

Speciation          315
by Jerry A. Coyne and H. Allen Orr / reviewed by John C. Avise

Note from the Book Review Editor          464
Morton F. Arnsdorf

Governance of Teaching Hospitals: Turmoil at Penn and Hopkins          465
by John A. Kastor / reviewed by Stanford J. Goldblatt and by Michael C. Riordan

Against the Spirit of System: The French Impulse in Nineteenth-CenturyAmerican Medicine          612
by John Harley Warner / reviewed by Richard C. Keller

The Doctor's Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story...


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