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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 60.4 (2005) 506-512

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Recent Dissertations in the History of Medicine

In this list of recently completed dissertations the highlighted number uniquely identifies each thesis and is your key to further information about it. Abstracts can be viewed in Dissertation Abstracts, issued monthly and available at many libraries. Some libraries provide free access to dissertations and abstracts on line, including the capacity to download them in full. Most dissertations can also be ordered via Bell and Howell Information and Learning by calling 800-521-0600 or writing to 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Dissertations can be ordered online through the Bell and Howell Web site at

Albertini, William Oliver Jr. Catching discourse: Contagion, narrative, and United States cultures at the century's turn. University of Virginia, 2004, 176 pages. 3144646

Aronson, Jay David. The introduction, contestation, and regulation of forensic DNA analysis in the American legal system (1984–1994). University of Minnesota, 2004, 530 pages. 3144244

Aquino, Hilary Crisp. "In black, white, and brown": The color line in medicine and public health, New York City, 1945–1965. State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2004, 283 pages. 3148936

Ashenmiller, Joshua Ross. The National Environmental Policy Act in the Green Decade, 1969–1981. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004, 304 pages. 3145703

Berkley, Holly. From self-made men to crusading women: The gendered evolution of the American temperance movement in the nineteenth century. University of Oklahoma, 2004, 236 pages. 3148882 [End Page 506]

Bowles, Emily S. 'Empire lost': Unstable terms in the language of female sexuality, political conquest, and literary authority, 1660 to 1765. Emory University, 2004, 239 pages. 3142136

Brill, Sara. Hygieia: Health and medicine in Plato's 'Republic.' Pennsylvania State University, 2004, 311 pages. 3139996

Burt, Susan Margaret. "Fit objects for an asylum": The Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum and its patients, 1852–1899. University of Southampton, 2003. C817359

Callahan, Karen Lee. Dangerous devices, mysterious times: Men, women, and birth control in early twentieth-century Japan. University of California, Berkeley, 2004, 344 pages. 3146805

Canaday, Margot. The straight state: Sexuality and American citizenship, 1900–1969. University of Minnesota, 2004, 320 pages. 3144252

Carlisle, Linda V. Elizabeth Packard and boundaries of gender, religion, and sanity in nineteenth-century America. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2004, 532 pages. 3147118

Christensen, Daniel Eric. Politics and the plague: Efforts to combat health epidemics in seventeenth-century Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel, Germany. University of California, Riverside, 2004, 564 pages. 3141949

Choppala, Sheela M. Seattle's late 1960s Free Clinic Movement: Exploration of social activism as a change strategy for health care and the ways in which individuals engaged in activism. University of Washington, 2004, 100 pages. 3139459

Clarkin, Patrick Francis. The fetal origins hypothesis and the Hmong diaspora: Effects of warfare, early malnutrition, and later modernization on adult health. State University of New York at Binghamton, 2004, 311 pages. 3142772

De Los Reyes-Heredia, Jose Guillermo. Sodomy and society: Sexuality, gender, race, and class in colonial Mexico. University of Pennsylvania, 2004, 226 pages. 3138002

Ding, Waverly Weiyu. Four essays on the formation and evolution of United States biotechnology companies. University of Chicago, 2004, 181 pages. 3136506

Evers-Fahey, Karen. The ego concept in the works of C. G. Jung. University of Essex, 2004. C817111 [End Page 507]

Eysell, Joanne. A medical companion to Dickens' fiction. Open University, 2004. C817772

Fishman, Jennifer Renee. Desire for profit: Viagra and the remaking of sexual dysfunction. University of California, San Francisco, 2003, 368 pages. 3136086

Fitzgerald, Gerard James. From prevention to infection: Intramural aerobiology, biomedical technology, and the origins of biological warfare research in the United States, 1910–1955. Carnegie Mellon University, 2003, 261 pages. 3141078

Francis, Christina. Risking the body: Blood as symbolic capital in Sir Thomas Malory's 'Morte Darthur.' Arizona State University, 2004, 274 pages. 3123551

Gagen, Wendy Jane. Disabling masculinity: Ex-servicemen, disability and gender identity, 1914–1930. University of Essex, 2004. C817110

Garden, Rebecca Elizabeth. Radical illness: Women, affliction, and authority in the eighteenth...


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