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SHAW The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies 25 (2005) 257-259

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A Supplement to Shaw 24's Selected Bibliography of Writings By and About Bernard Shaw Concerning Love, Sex, Marriage, Women, and Related Topics

Prefatory Note: This Supplement extends the "Selected Bibliography" published in SHAW, The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies 24 (2004), which I had termed a "preliminary compilation." In Section A, references in brackets are to Dan H. Laurence's Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography (Oxford: Clarendon, 1983). For many of the entries in Section B, I am most grateful to Charles A. Carpenter's indispensable compilation, "A Selective, Classified International Bibliography of Publications about Bernard Shaw: Works from 1940 to Date, with Appendix of Earlier Works" (2004), which appeared shortly after SHAW 24 went to press.

Section A: Works by Bernard Shaw

"Authors' 'No' to Sex Play Jury." Daily Mirror (15 June 1925): 2:4. [C2553; statement: "Should sex plays be tried by public juries before production?"]

"Bernard Shaw Replies" (letter). International Journal of Sexology (Bombay) 2 (November 1948): 102. [C3825; comment on Anthony M. Ludovici's "Sex in the Writings of Bernard Shaw" in the same issue] [End Page 257]

"The Case of Dr. [Marie] Stopes" (letter). Daily News (3 March 1923): 4:4. [C2443]

"A Characteristic Question Cabled by Bernard Shaw." Puck (New York) 77 (20 February 1915): 6. [C1989; on woman suffrage]

"Danakil Women" (letter). Time and Tide 21 (13 January 1940): 29–30. [C3353; also in Time and Tide 21, see two more letters: "Shaw on Danakil Women" (20 January 1940): 54 (C3354) and "Bernard Shaw on Danakil Women" (3 February 1940): 102 (C3358)]

"Extend Divorce, Make State Separate Unfit. Danger, Otherwise, That Private Contracts Will Be Substituted for Marriage" (interview). New York American (5 June 1921): II, 5:1–2 (first edition). [C2343]

"Eve's Repugnance" (letter). Weekly Westminster, n.s. 1 (5 April 1924): 738. [C2493; on Back to Methuselah and the method of sexual reproduction]

"'Flog Every Brothel Keeper,' Says Shaw" (statement). Daily Worker (30 March 1944): 3:4. [C3519; on the findings of an inquiry committee into prostitution]

"G. Bernard Shaw Talks About Love, Sex, Charles Chaplin and Why Old Men Don't Matter!" (interview). Sunday Express (1 March 1931): 14:3–7, 21:2–4. [C2899]

"G.B.S. 93" (interview). Evening Standard (25 July 1949): 9:1–3. [C3864; on sex education in schools, among other topics]

"Kulin Polygamy" (letter). The Times (5 October 1907): 12:5. [C1605] Reprinted as "Bernard Shaw for Polygamy" in The Sun (New York) (6 October 1907): 3:1–2.

"Let Them Die" (statement). Evening Standard (9 June 1914): 2:2. [C1936; on suffragette hunger strikers]

"Martyrdom and Woman Suffrage" (letter). The Times (25 June 1913): 10:4. [C1902] Reprinted as "Shaw Insists on Word Martyrdom," London Budget (29 June 1913): 5:3.

"What I Think of Women." Manchester Evening News (25 July 1936): 4:3–7. [C3152a-S; questionnaire interview]

"The Womanly Woman." [1891] Shaw and Ibsen: Bernard Shaw's The Quintessence of Ibsenism and Related Writings. Ed. J. L. Wisenthal. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1979: 124–31.

"Woman's Charm" (statement). Manchester Evening News (11 December 1924): 11:2. [C2533]

Section B: Works About Bernard Shaw

Adams, Elsie B. "Shaw's Ladies." Shaw Review 23 (1980): 112–18.

Cherry, Wymm. "A Look Back at Shaw's Feminism." Independent Shavian 32 (1994): 53–55. [End Page 258]

Coelsch-Foisner, Sabine. "Spinsters versus Sinners: A Late-Nineteenth-Century Paradigm in G. B. Shaw's Plays." Imaginaires 2 (1997): 91–111.

Drew, Anne M. "Embracing Ambiguity: Shaw's Women." Staging the Rage: The Web of Misogyny in Modern Drama. Ed. Katherine H. Burkman and Judith Roof. Madison, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1998: 158–70.

Gainor, J. Ellen. "Lesbian Sexuality and Violence in the Plays of G. B. Shaw." Violence in Drama. Themes in Drama 13. Ed. James Redmond. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991: 177–89. [reprinted in Shaw's Daughters: Dramatic...


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