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  • Research on Deafness

Doctoral Dissertations                                   245

Doctoral Dissertations

These dissertations were completed during 2004. Copies may be ordered through ProQuest at

Theory of mind development in deaf children. Lowlter, J. (DPsy, University of Southampton [United Kingdom], 2004). Not Available from UMI
Relationship building and communication in the learning environments of deaf students: Implications for local, state, and federal policy. Cerney, Janet Lee (EdD, University of Pittsburgh, 2004). 443 pages. AAT 3149939
Hands howling volumes: How prelingually severely and profoundly deaf honors student writers define and develop writer's voice. Abrams, Debra Josephson (DA George Mason University, 2004). 289 pages. AAT 3107907
Performance test scores: How valid are they for students with hearing impairments? Kuan, Li-Ann (PhD University of California, Los Angeles, 2004). 125 pages. AAT 3133007
Deaf education in China: 2002 to 2020. Johnson, Kathryn E. (PhD, University of Minnesota, 2004). 381 pages. AAT 3117543
Psychosocial variables in the adoption of assistive technology among deaf and hard of hearing adults. Saladin, Shawn Patrick (PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2004). 164 pages. AAT 3150722
Hearing parent and deaf child: Relationship between communication methods and the potential for physical child abuse. Brodbar, Dorith (PhD, New School University, 2004). 99 pages. AAT 3118773
The effects of social skills training on peer interactions among elementary age children with hearing impairment. Monaghan, Christy L. (PhD, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2004). 179 pages. AAT 3149922
Assessing the ego maturity of a prelingually deaf boy: A diagnostic case study employing the 'world' sand tray test. Wood, Geoffrey Alan (PsyD, Widener University, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, 2004). 152 pages. AAT 3150288
Cognitive performance of deaf preschool children on the upper preschool level Nonverbal Cluster of the Differential Ability Scales. Williamson, Rex David (DEd, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2004). 123 pages. AAT 3149731
The development of a profile to predict high- and low-risk burnout for sign language interpreters: A comparative study of educational and community interpreters. McCartney, Jamie L. (PhD, The University of Akron, 2004). 159 pages. AAT 3139578
How a group of elementary deaf students interact with LEGO LOGO activities: A case study. McDaniel, Amy Rebecca (PhD, The University of Tennessee, 2004). 364 pages. AAT 3141815
A comparison of parental expectations of deaf children with cochlear implants or hearing aids. Muller, Keith DeWitt (Ph.D., Barry University School of Social Work, 2004). 193 pages. AAT 3143512
'Between worlds': How college educated deaf women negotiate education, mothering, and work. Najarian, Cheryl G. (Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2004). 222 pages. AAT 3132706
Methods for inclusion: Employing think aloud protocols in software usability studies with individuals who are deaf. Roberts, Vera Louise (Ph.D., University of Toronto [CANADA], 2004). 99 pages. AAT NQ91750
I did not die, I just can't hear: A grounded theory study of acquired deafness. Schlau, Jane (Ed.D., Hofstra University, 2004). 191 pages. AAT 3132932
Construction of a social reality: The integration of deaf and non-deaf students in a public elementary school program. Slobodzian, Jean Theodora (EdD, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick, 2004). 257 pages. AAT 3130847
Phonics instruction for deaf students: Assessing the generalization of skills. Trezek, Beverly J. (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madosn, 2004). 160 pages. AAT 3143112
Attitudes of Lamar University faculty toward deaf adults (Texas). Alrayes, Tareq, (EdD, Lamar University-Beaumont, 2004). 85 pages. AAT 3141457
The role parents play in deaf children's language and communication skills development. Brown-Levey, Sharon (MA, State University of New York Empire State College, 2004). 85 pages. AAT 1417949
The cortical organization of spoken and signed sentence processing in adults. Capek, Cheryl Monica (PhD, University of Oregon, 2004). 166 pages. AAT 3120613 [End Page 245]
Adverbal morphemes in Tactile American Sign Language. Collins, Steven Douglas (PhD, Union Institute and University, 2004). 125 pages. AAT 3144539
Maternal self-efficacy and involvement: Supporting language development in young deaf children with cochlear implants. DesJardin, Jean Louise (Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles, 2004). 135 pages. AAT 3146602
Effect of three communication modes on following directions on a physical fitness test by students who are deaf and students who have normal hearing. Diaz-Urbina, Gloria (PhD, University of Utah, 2004). 110 pages. AAT...


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