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Elliott R. Barkan is professor emeritus of history and ethnic studies at California State University, San Bernardino, and president of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. His research focuses on contemporary American immigration and naturalization patterns and policies. His current book project is on immigration into the twentieth-century American West. His most recent book is Making It in America: A Sourcebook on Eminent Ethnic Americans (ABC-Clio Books, 2001).

Joseph Gerteis is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. His current work focuses on the sources and limits of interracial organizing in the late-nineteenth-century American South. He is coeditor of Classical Sociological Theory and Contemporary Sociological Theory (Blackwell, 2002).

Patrick Hossay is assistant professor of political science at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. His recent research focuses on the history of nationalism and nationalist movements in developed countries. He is the coeditor, with Martin Schain and Aristide Zolberg, of Shadows over Europe: The Cause and Impact of the Extreme Right in Western Europe (Palgrave, 2002) and the author of Contentions of Nationhood: Nationalist Movements, Political Struggle, and Social Change in Scotland, French Canada, and Flanders (Lexington Books, 2002).

Lex Renda is associate professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is the author of Running on the Record: Civil War-Era Politics in New Hampshire (Virginia, 1997) and currently is writing a social and political history of the abolition of debtors’ prison in the United States.



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