To determine germination rate and final germination percentage of the endangered Florida endemic Caribbean applecactus (Harrisia fragrans Small [Cactaceae]), we treated seeds with sulfuric and gibberellic (GA3) acids and germinated them under constant temperature regimes. Temperature effect was marginal at best, with only 2% of seed germinating in 50 d in 25 °C. Although there was improved germination with sulfuric acid (H2SO4)alone, significant increases in both germination rate and germination percentage were realized when seeds were scarified with 18 M H2SO4for 15, 30, and 45 s, followed by soaking in 1000 ppm GA3 for 24 h, with 68% germination in 120 d for the 45 s H2SO4treatment. Emergence first occurred on day 18 for seed treated with 1000 ppm GA3 but not until day 70 for the 500 ppm treatment. Control seeds failed to emerge during the observation period. These treatments represent a quick method of meeting Species Level Recovery Actions for Harrisia fragrans in the Multi-Species Recovery Plans for South Florida.


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