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  • 52nd and Spruce
  • Allison Whittenberg (bio)

Old man sits on the cement stoop           of the Wings and Things storefront while Fred strums the strings of his guitar with the tips of his           still nimble fingers at the end of his song he passes his hat, saying           "You don't have to be                     Rockerfeller           to help a fella" Meanwhile some another brother From the kingdom of heaven and earth           Hands me a flyer Like I'm really interested in the final call Sisters wearing majestic robes Offer me dark wood statues           Oiled with sweet perfume In this loud market their incense competes           with the musky smell of           sizzling barbequed meat these women tie their hair with bright printed cloth           yet it is the girls                     with more beads than braids                               on their heads barely out from beneath their mammas' aprons that remind me of the bygone times           when I wasn't just visiting

Allison Whittenberg

Allison Whittenberg is the author of a chapbook, The Bard of Philadelphia (Rosewater Press, 2003) and a novel, Sweet Thang (Random House, 2006). She holds a master’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin.



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